Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I love dostco!!!

Was what I heard from DJ on our way to costco!! This was after his AWESOME hair cut!!! Oh I have my little handsome boy back!!! Such a different kid with that short 'do! His head looks smaller even!! lol I kid you not! Since our hair dresser is going on a self imposed maternity leave when she has her baby, who's due in a couple weeks. So we pushed our necessity for a hair cut off by 3, those were three LONG weeks in terms of hair! Granted, his hair wasn't in his eyes, but it was sticking up horridly all over!!! And his duck tail came back in full force! As a reward for doing so well, he got a Kinder Surprise and enjoyed the heck out of that chocolate...didn't even share it with me! Rascal! Samantha thoroughly enjoyed playing with her friend Aliya while we were busy. I even got my bangs trimmed...much nicer looking when she does them than me!

As we were approaching costco I could see all kinds of flashing lights, but had no clue what was goin we got up to where it was I could see it was a logger truck....and something underneath the first load (it was a double hauler) had snapped and therefore it shifted the load...and he was in the middle of the intersection from the off ramp...literally in my path! So they were getting everything down to one lane, and then re-directing traffic around the truck. They were still setting up flares that's how soon it happened before I got there. So we got gas, did our shopping and had lunch before about an hour and a half later and they had finally gotten a crane on the job to help remove the logs. Looked like an all day job to me! They blocked off my entrance to the freeway, so I ended up taking the looooooong way home! During which both kids fell asleep....ahhhhh silence IS golden!!!

Made a stop at the bank...and the shed and still got home with sleeping I unloaded and put it away...and pee'd by MYSELF!!! (if you follow me on facebook, you know what I'm referring to!) before getting them up...they'd had an hour, and I didn't want it to ruin bed time. DJ is such a pill when he wakes up by force...Samantha takes it in stride and just needs snuggles! He did snap out of it quick and went out to play with the boys next door...I had to call over at one point it was SO dark out at 4:30 that I couldn't even see them!!

Howie was gone all day helping his dad move in with his girlfriend....he came home just before 4 with a new to us dining table that should seat ALL of us at Thanksgiving!! Its HUGE!!!! Then he was gone again to return the truck to we were on our own for dinner....which I kept simple! Tonite was a bath nite, so as soon as we were done I got down to the bathing business! Then bed time happened!! YES!!!! Samantha has picked up on DJ's penchant to say "Mummy, can I tell/ask you something?" and to have it doubled is just wonderful! (note sarcasm!)

Once they were in bed I got busy making the last batch (altho I may make one more...) of caramel corn and cleaning the kitchen as I went along. While it was in the oven Howie went to bed so as to not let the smell drive him crazy!! haha There was absolutely NOTHING on tv unless it was Christmas I watched my last dvr'd wasn't anything worth mentioning....but it did fill the need. And I got some knitting done. Last nite I started a hat...right before I went to bed I noticed I'd twisted it not much of a hat! I frogged it tonite and started over....about 4 rows in I realized I'd done the exact same thing!! ARGH!!!!! Third time was  charm and I got further than I'd gotten last nite!

Til next time...God bless!

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