Sunday, December 19, 2010

Birthday Dinner plans

This morning started with Miss Independent thinking it was okay to take her diaper off and going potty like a big girl. So cute! Then she came to me with a diaper, and clothes...and told me she wanted a "big girl diaper" on...I tried suggesting that to be a big girl she needed panties...but she was having none of it! This may take a bit of convincing! In any case, once she got dressed we snuggled on the bed for a few minutes before I got up. I told them about the birthday dinner plans for tonite and they were both very excited about seeing their brother and grandpa and Ellen!

Sam decided she didn't want breakfast and DJ was being slower than a slug to get at I ate mine in peace while they fooled around. Howie called me just as I was about to call him and told me he was on his way home fishless...I am so ready for some fresh fish!! Last nite's windstorm was forceful! He told me of branches and trees down all over the place! Thankfully the wolf wasn't able to blow our house down! Our power did go out tho as the clocks were flashing.

DJ got dressed and headed out to see if the boys next door could play....and Sam and I got busy making brownies for dessert tonite...she loved that!!! And would go check on them in the oven as I left the light on for her. She even set her stool up in front of the oven to sit and watch it easier. It was cute! I can see her at 8 making all kinds of cakes in her easy bake know she'll have one!!!! lol

While the brownies were baking, I got to tidying up and unloading/loading the dishwasher up...then Howie reminded me that I needed to go get a card for I took Sam with me, who'd been in panties for a while with no back in a diaper she went. I fear I'm confusing her, but with a 16 minute ride to town, I'm not about to chance it! As we were leaving Howie was vacuuming and getting the kitchen floors done...which was awesome!

Little Miss did fantastic in the store and stuck by me more than when its two of them....we found what we were looking for and headed out...only to turn right back around as we forgot the dang birthday card! OY! Then we headed over to do an Avon delivery at the salon I deal with, where she was a charmer! Then we buckled back up and headed home. Since no one had arrived yet, I quickly hopped in the shower. When I got out Jake was here...and snoozin on the couch!! Must be nice to be 17!! Howie then took a shower too and still no Grandpa and Ellen. They weren't too far behind tho, and got here about 4:30ish. The kids were excited to see them both! Samantha's usual greeting of "spin me, spin me"

Dinner was yummy and easy to do...burgers, sweet potato fries (with pesto noodles for the kids) and corn. Can't get easier than that!! DJ was the first one to finish...he was HUNGRY!!! And he knew there were brownies to be had! Which we had much sooner than we would have had them had it been my choice! Jake was pleased with the attention and of course the full car detail we gave him as a gift. Finally something he wanted!! Whew! He said he's gonna wait til Spring...once rainy season (aka, winter) is over.

Everyone left about 7 which gave me plenty of time to bathe the kids! DJ sure did need it! Stinky kid he was! And then bed time happened blissfully...and easily. Once they were tucked in, I headed to the shed to see what had come in. On my way there, on a windy part of the road, I spotted a deer...but not quick enough! So I braked a bit and kept on driving...I clipped its head with my side mirror (on my side) and I'm pretty sure I ran over a hoof. In any case, it shook me up!! I went home the same way, praying I wouldn't see a deer lying on the road...and there was nothing. I really hope its okay...

I came home and told Howie, who was in bed, about the incident...he said I should have hit it harder and we'd have been eating venison...yeah, not my style! I put the stuff away and got down to knitting...watched a corny Christmas far, there's only been one that I've enjoyed. :(

Til next time...God bless!

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