Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Baby You're a Firework

This morning I thought I had DJ at my back...til he came in a 8 and I discovered it was SamSam at my back! Have no clue when she joined me...but she was sound asleep! DJ didn't want any more sleep, so he came out to watch tv...shortly thereafter she joined him in his tv watching.

After breakfast I kept on the laundry mission....it really does seem like its never ending!!! Especially this week! I do finally have the last load in the dryer...and two loads waiting to be folded! Ugh! And I'm sure if I walk around the house I could easily gather up another two loads...see? never ending!!

I think both kids are going thru a growth spurt as they're both eating non-stop! After lunch DJ kept bugging me for more food so I gave him a timer and told him when it went off he could ask me again for more food. In the meantime, he ended up going next door to see if the boys could play and ended up staying for a couple hours...

As I was about to get dinner started I checked on Sam to see why she was so quiet....and found her snoozing in Daddy's chair....not exactly what I had in mind for her, but I guess she needed it...so I got dinner simmering and then kissed her awake! Just like Sleeping Beauty, she awoke!! And was not pleased with me..so we snuggled in the chair and watched Alvin and the Chipmunks. Howie came home and took a nap on the couch since it was so quiet....we do enjoy his absence lol

He came home rather quietly...I heard the squeak of the door but Howie missed it...and then all of a sudden he discovered DJ on the couch! And then it was dinner time....I did rotini noodles for the kids and regular noodles for us. The kids liked the difference, I think. After dinner, I bathed the red stains off them and put them to bed. Samantha was tricky one thanks to her 40 minute snooze....after a half hour of being in bed she decided she needed to potty...so Daddy helped her (can we say delay tactic!) and then she went to bed for real.

Glee was a re-run, so I decided to bake some toffee bars...sure do smell yummy!! Howie went to bed before they started smelling good, as he's on a 12 hour fast for blood work at work tomorrow. Now they're done, but the chocolate didn't melt properly...so darnit, we'll have to keep some at home! Since it's still early, I think I'll go knit!!

Til next time...God bless!

P.S. I've had the Katy Perry song, Firework, stuck in my head...check it out!

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