Friday, December 3, 2010

I used to think that....

I wanted six I got to see what it would be like to have 5 for 4 thank YOU!! Granted, having 2 two year olds, 2 four year olds and an 8 year old wouldn't be the norm! Two sets of twins would be the undoing of most moms!

Today didn't start out on a happy note for me. I got an email from Avon that said my order was submitted, which means I won't be getting it tomorrow as planned...BUT I have been switched over to the proper district...and while I'll get my order next Tuesday, my next order day is the following FRIDAY!!! Which is just insane!!! Ugh! So after breakfast I got on the phone with someone at Leadership to clear up another issue...after 25 minutes of frustration, I finally said to the gal I'd been dealing with, that I needed to hang up the phone as I was starting to get pissy, and didn't want to take it out on her. Good move on my part! But it didn't help my mood any.

So I watched some Dora and Diego with the kids. After lunch we worked on some letters and numbers with the kids. My sister gave DJ this puzzle kit that teaches letters, numbers and opposites. The past couple days we've been working on it and both kids are getting something from it, so that's cool! I even learned that SamSam can count to 10!!! Who taught her that?!?! Oh wait, that was me! Her bed time routine includes doing the alphabet and counting...seems to be paying off! She even did them for daddy tonite to show off! Love it!!!

Since the sun was shining DJ asked if I'd take them for a bike we got bundled up and headed out! Man, was it cold!!  Not nearly as cold as it was last week, but still cold! It was the mailbox tha brightened my day!! We finally got approval from the IRS about something we've been waiting for since February! Put a little spring in my step for sure!! :)

While we were out my neighbour called to ask if we could watch the 3 boys for the evening...and I said sure! My two were so excited they came in and started cleaning up the living room! Worked well! Dinner was fun! Burgers and tots! Altho I made SamSam and I some parm noodles...worked out well! There was even 5 minutes of silence while everyone ate!

After dinner we did some Christmas movies they brought with them and I worked on Christmas cards while Howie hid in the garage. Chicken! Just before 9 I got our two into pj's so they'd be ready when the boys went home. I'd just brushed Samantha's teeth and the door bell they went and bed time resumed! I couldn't find Samantha's baby boy, so I got her to settle for an old stuffie of mine. Got them all settled and Howie found baby boy. He raced down the hall to give it to her and be her hero! The hug she gave him was so precious!!

Howie went to bed soon after and I got my chores done before sitting down to watch tv and knit! Ahhhh been waiting all day for it too! In fact, I'm still sitting here while blogging away! Love it! Grey's was good...but I don't get the breakthrough that Cristina had on the dock...and I totally get the door slamming scene! Private Practice was disturbing to say the least! All around really! Still good tho!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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