Tuesday, December 28, 2010

BECU takes the win!!!!!

This morning the kids were easily entertained with their still new toys...we've only had one casualty so far....a drum stick...to be fair, its plastic and has a groove which in the wrong (DJ's) hands, is easily broken with force. This morning after I was able to go to the bathroom by myself, I found them both in Sam's room, she on the bed surrounded by all her dinos, and DJ on the floor creating a song for the mp3 player that came with the piano. And he had the headphones on his head ready to listen to his music creation. SO cute!!

After breakfast I called the bank to see what could be done about the extra 400 missing from our account since Zumiez said they couldn't find my transactions....spoke with a REALLY nice person who was very understanding of the situation and gave me several options. I'd already called Zumiez before breakfast and found out that the manager had the day off...and would be contacted in a couple hours when she got up...WHAT!?!?! lol This should be a priority! After a couple more phone calls it was finally discovered that we all were looking at the wrong dates...I'd given them the posting date, not the date I  was actually in the store! Oops! Once they had the right dates, they were able to find the extra charges quickly!!! And even refunded them before calling me!!! SWEET!!!!! Crisis averted!

The rest of the morning was spent on Avon orderings...I didn't really push this campaign as everyone is just recovering from Christmas...I expected that! DJ meanwhile was outside racing his bike with the boys next door who had new wheels to race with...they all were having fun!!! So that left me and SamSam on our own for lunch....we both enjoy these times! About an hour later tho, she and I were laying on the couch and she stood up and looked out the window and asked when "JJ" was coming back in. Awwwww sweetness!!! Not to worry...he and the boys came in to play!! All the new toys were even newer!!! lol And louder!!! Those boys like to sing...so the mic on the piano got some use!! Couldn't tell ya what they were singing...tried not to intrude!

Howie got home late but shortly after he did he put his new ear buds in and read the paper....NOT fair!!! If I have to listen to 4 kids, he should have to too!!! ha! I was quite jealous...but someone needs to referee!! Where's my whistle??  About 5 the boys went home and DJ finally settled a bit before dinner. Which was steelhead once again....we're all gonna be SUPER smart with all the fish we're eating!!! Dinner for 4 tonite, plus two lunches, cost roughly 2.00! Quite the steal eh?? 'Course, I'm not counting the cost of the fishing gear and gas....shhh! 

After dinner I bathed the kids and the new bathtub toy made her way into the water...which makes bath time SO much more fun...and longer!! "just a few more minutes Mum!!!" Finally got them done and in bed!!! As I'm tucking DJ in we were foolin around and I was pretending to use him as my pillow and falling asleep as he's talking to me...by the 3rd time I'd done this he takes his right hand and hits his forehead with an open palm and says "For crying out sakes" OH I bust out laughing!!!! I had to ask him what exactly he said as I thought I was hearing things...so he repeated himself, action included, and I laughed even harder!! Oh its moments like that that just melt away the day!!!

Since there was nothing on tv I watched a dry movie...I was tempted to just erase it...in the end I had a 20 minute power nap...oops!!! Told ya it was dry!!! Then I started Pineapple Express....which I think is best viewed in an altered state as its pretty stupid! And not funny stupid...just plain stupid!! I shut it off and watched regular tv for a bit. Ay!

Til next time...God bless!

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