Thursday, December 30, 2010

Potty Training: Part Deux

Why is it the unpleasant ways to wake up find me!!!?!??!!? This morning DJ woke up at 7:30 in a panic...he'd peed the bed...MY BED!!!!!! On Howie's side mind you...and it happened while he was sleeping as it was a cold mess, not a warm one...he was quite grossed out about it all too! He stripped right away and got clean pj's on...then grabbed me a towel from the closet to lay and soak up what it could. He then went out and watched tv and Sam joined him. I got up and came to investigate the incessant barking...which is when I discovered DJ outside in his pj's and boots!!! WHY!?!? He went to see if next door was up! It wasn't even 9!! As I'm scolding him my phone rings...its next door asking if DJ got home okay...oy!

After breakfast was done I decided Samantha was going to do the potty training thing again! Only this time, no timers, and we'll just listen to her body cues. She was NOT impressed with my decision!!! And fought me and begged for a diaper...but I was firm and said no. Meanwhile, she's peeing like crazy on the toilet!!! She'd have a few dribbles in the undies, but then pee on the potty just fine! Every time it was time for undies, she'd beg and cry these crocodile tears...but in the end she'd put them on. She got extra treats and even pop just to keep the fluids flowing!! We didn't have ONE accident today!! We did go thru 4 pairs of panties due to dribbling, but she was a CHAMP!!!!! Eventually the begging for a diaper stopped. She still corrected me whenever I told her she was a big girl "I not big girl, I Sam!"  So cute even when she's being stubborn!

This afternoon we had the younger boys from next door over to play and even with the extra commotion, she did awesome telling me she needed to pee....of course she tells me backwards...she'll say  "I went pee" instead of  "I need to pee" but hey, I know what she means! Howie came home from work and went straight to bed...he's pulling double duty tonite and needed sleep! So when DJ asked to go next door, I said sure, but that if it wasn't okay, he needed to come back...he didn't come back! lol So I got busy making sketti sauce and then getting Sam ready to go with me to the bank.

OHHHHHHHHH most important news (according to DJ of course) is that it SNOWED!!! And boy, did it snow!! It started coming down around 10 and didn't stop all day! It was an ebb and flow kind of would be big fluffy flakes and then teeny tiny flakes but non-stop! All told we got about 2 and a half inches...and its good packing snow!! As Sam was peeing for the last time before heading out, I called next door to see if DJ could stay while I popped into town to do banking...and she offered to keep Sam too...well, heck yeah!! So I walked her over there instead. They were watching Despicable Me downstairs, so she joined them and off I went.

Our road was the worst!! As I drove down our foothill the snow lessened the closer I got to town. In fact, there was NOTHING in town! At least, where I was, there was no snow! So I got my banking done and headed back up the hill. I almost didn't make it up our street either...and our driveway was fun! lol Picked the kids up and got water boiling for dinner. Sam dribbled in her undies over there and was wearing a pair of Caleb's underoos...Scooby Doo ones even! She didn't care...but when we got home she needed to pee and wanted her own panties! Good thing I still had a pair in the drawer for her.

After dinner I gave them a bath and as I was washing DJ up, we heard Howie get up, so he helped with the bed time stuff. Oh, Samantha got in the water and immediately said she needed to her out and she sat on the toilet, but off she got and went back in the bath...she sat down in the water and started crossing her legs saying she needed to out she got, dried her off a second and put her up on the toilet...this time I told her she wasn't getting off til she peed...and she instantly went! Then after the bath, I asked her if she needed to pee again, she said yes, got up there and peed right away! I think she's got the whole "idea" of it all now!!! SO glad too!!

Once they were tucked in I sat with Howie as he ate his dinner...and then boom, he was gone to work! So I watched re-runs and folded two loads of clothes...strangely, had to gather clothes up to make another load just to get Sam's undies all clean for tomorrow. Imagine that...being so caught up on laundry that I'm scrounging for a load!!! HA! Will wonders never cease!! Speaking of that load, gotta go put it in the dryer before I head to bed.

Til next time...God bless!

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  1. I saw the Sam potty training on Facebook and got soooo excited for you! When they finally get it and you can see the end of diapers - man! - what a feeling.

    I wish we had snow. None in sight. In fact, it's in the mid-60's. Gee.

    Hope you have the happiest of New Years!


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