Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!!!

This morning my kids gave me their first gift of the holidays....they both slept til 9!!! Can you believe it!?!? DJ woke up at 7:30, went out to the living room and came back to bed. He said "its still dark out Mum, go back to sleep" and he did the same!!! SO awesome!!! And since there was no noise in the house, Sam slept til we got up! What a gift!!!

We were just finishing breakfast when Howie came home...fishless again...but he had fun and lost two. As he was finishing his breakfast Jake came upstairs! We were a little shocked that it was still in the AM time frame! About 11:30 Howie took off to go shopping...yeah, he was one of "those" crazies out there today!!! So while he was gone, I go busy bathing the kids. While I was in with Samantha, Jake left for home as he had eating plans for 2 at his mom's house and then work tonite.

After bath we did lunch, which thankfully wasn't a messy lunch as that would ruin my efforts in the bathroom! Then we snuggled down on the couch and watched Madagascar...well, they watched it, I listened to it. DJ was with me on the couch and Sam was enjoying Howie's chair to its fullest! Just after 2 Howie called to see if we should just meet him in town for the candlelight service at church...but that wasn't til 4, so he came home instead. Once he was in the house, I went and got myself ready to go.

The church looked awesome in the glow of all the candles!!! It was a different kind of service in that we had a musical presentation, but nothing theatrical. Nor was there really a sermon. AND we had BOTH kids to contend with! I have to say, Samantha did AMAZING!!! If I could put DJ in class and keep her with us during regular Sunday sermons, I'd do it in a heartbeat! She was very attentive and enjoyed all the singing (and wanted to dance in the aisle) and clapped whenever she thought that person did a good job. It was cute! DJ on the other hand, man was he fidgety!! And loud. And obnoxious. grrrrrrrrrr

After church we headed home to make dinner. I'd picked up a flame crafted ham from Freddy's in the shopping expedition this last I was anxious for that!! It was a small ham, more than enough to feed the 4 of us and some leftovers. I also did scalloped potatoes and green beans and carrots. DELISH!!! Dessert was goodies that the kids and I made for santa...peanut butter cookies from the freezer!!! SO easy with those two "helping" me out. They really only like to watch them bake in reality!

Since dinner was done far earlier than we anticipated, we put the movie Polar Express on and watched it together. Howie had a good snooze to it! When it was done (later than I thought it would be) the kids went right to bed...with visions of sugar plums dancing in their heads!! DJ wanted to wait up to hear the reindeer on the roof...which is how he fell asleep so fast! Not one peep from either of them!  I did wait about 15 minutes before pulling out the last of the stuff to wrap. Since Polar Express showed the gifts from santa wrapped, I figured I'd better follow suit...and used a different paper than what's already under the tree. I also played with DJ's gift as I'm sure I won't be allowed to once he gets his hands on it!!! haha He's gonna FLIP!!!

Til next time...Merry Christmas!!!

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