Monday, December 6, 2010

There is NO mail on Sundays!!

This morning happened far too quickly for my liking!! I could have used another 4 hours easily!!! ha! It didn't help I found DJ hogging the bed again at I rolled him to the middle and then had to pee....when I got back in bed, both boys were snoring away. I heard some thumping around in Sam's room, so laid there waiting for her to wake...she'd gone to bed as 7 last nite...SEVEN!!!! She was that tired I guess! By 7:30 DJ was up, and so was Howie, and then so was Samantha...I got to sleep in a bit. Howie woke me shortly after 9 and I got up to get ready for church.

I gotta say, I love Christmas!!!! Our church was decorated yesterday, and it was just gorgeous to walk into the sanctuary and see it all decked out! Love that! And all our songs were Christmas carols...wonder if we were practicing for next week's carolling parade??? lol DJ was a tyrant!! Well at least in my eyes he was...very distracting today! And buggy! Does it help/hurt the case when the person sitting behind you tells you "oh your son did SO good today during church! He really did!!"  A: that means you noticed him and he wasn't good and B: you have NO idea!!! lol

We stopped at the shed before going the kids a pizza for lunch which they were thrilled about! Been a while since we've had one. It was a nice lunch and both kids ate faster than normal!!! SO nice for a change! I got Jake's school pictures yesterday, so after lunch I cut them up and wrote all the deets on the back. Howie was busy reading the paper and ads,. which this time of year are quite full of "Iwants" or "eye wants" and my two are no exception! It was SO cute....Howie gave them the Toys R Us mini book...the Fred Meyer insert...and the Target book...and they spread them out on the living room floor drooling over every page!!! Taking turns pointing at different toys on the pages. Oh it was heartwarming!! And so freakin cute! If  I had all the money in the world, I'd give them a few Iwants!!

I left shortly after 2 for my volunteer stint at a gift wrapping station in the mall in Everett...Howie and the kids were outside putting lights up on the house. I arrived at the mall 15 mins early, which was a good thing as it took me 10 mins to find parking!! I knew roughly the area to park in, but it was by the movie theater, which is usually busy in any mall! Finding the gift wrapping station was easy too...but I was looking for a table in the middle of the aisle, not an empty store. So that was a nice surprise! The two people who had the earlier shift had NO ONE!!!! So they sat there chatting for 4 hours...not a bad deal! Of course, within our (I had a gal named Deanne with me) first half hour we had 2 people! Not too bad! In total we had 5 people use our service! I did some knitting and some not a bad deal! I sure did enjoy coming home to see some lights on our house!! The stapler broke just after he finished the front entry way, so hopefully more this week once we get a new stapler....

Since my shift didn't end til 6 and we had to wait for security to close the store up, I missed dinner time here at home. Howie had it all under control, once he found the rotini noodles to cook, with fresh Steelhead that he caught yesterday to bbq. YUM!!!! He said the kid gobbled their fish first and LOVED it!!!! So awesome! I ate my dinner with some help...not that I shared, but they sure did try to scam me out of my dinner! Brats! Once I got done eating I got them pj'ed and brushed and into bed. We now have a nice routine going in that Howie tucks DJ in and I tuck Samantha in...and then Howie waits to be called by Sam, and kisses are given, and I turn on her music. Then I go tuck DJ in and say his prayers with him. Nice and smooth!

Howie wasn't too fr behind the kids...and I got to sit and knit!! Amazing Race was good! Don't think I could do the white river rafting...looks more painful than fun!! Desperate Housewives has me wondering how they're gonna get outta that jam...or if they're building up for a series finale...which would NOT be kool!! Brothers & Sisters was quite comical! Good knitting nite!!

Til next time...God bless!

P.S. by the time you read this, my cousin will be home in the arms of his wife! Thank you Jeff for your service for your country!!

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