Wednesday, December 29, 2010

YES!!!! We're goin to a puppet show!!!

Was Samantha's enthusiastic reply when I told them we were going to watch a puppet show at the library this afternoon. She had NO clue what a puppet show was about...nor the fact that I tried to correct them to saying marionette puppet show...WAY different!!! lol

Before this tho, we headed to the shed to do the book share...which I had very happy kids to go with as Toy Story 3 is in the they were ready and willing to go with me! Makes it easier for me!! It was a light load today...and we were back home in time for lunch! DJ took off tho and went to K's house to invite him to go with us the puppet show. Yeah, he forgot! Good thing I called over to see if the invite had been spoken...and to send DJ home for lunch.

Once all 3 were buckled in we took off for the library....dropped off the books and then parked to go in for the show. It was a full house!!! There was an oval taped to the floor that all the kids were to sit around...they found a spot right away, which I wish they'd stayed at as that would have made for better pix...and when they spotted me, they moved over to my side of the room. From the first puppet, which was just a demo of how a marionette works, and how easy it is to make one from a teddy bear at home, Samantha was scared and came to sit with me. The boys were intrigued from the get go!

The show flew by!!! I couldn't believe how quick the half hour was up! I lost track of how many puppets they had...close to a dozen if not more...and the songs were silly and funny. The boys got to hug a few and have a few run all over was a fun show!! Afterwards the three of them were running around a now empty room having a hey day! Til the librarian told them to be quiet...which they listened to! So we headed out to the kids book section and I was pleasantly surprised to see that the board books section was replenished!! We ended up getting 9 books!

On the way home we dropped the rest of the books off, and then headed to the bank...but I'd forgotten to put my bank card back in my wallet ARGH!!! So we headed home instead. As soon as the kids were out of the truck they all traipsed to K's house...even Sam! Which shocked me!! But she wanted to go play, so who am I to say felt weird being home alone!! So quiet!! And what do I do with this new found silence...fold laundry and load the dishwasher!!!! ha! Howie came home and was equally dumbfounded by the silence! And ruined it by putting football on! lol Since he was home, I ran to the bank to make my deposit.

Once back home it was full on dinner prep!!!! After dinner was just play time...and I deleted all the non-pictures from DJ's camera to free up memory on it...from the whole thing, there were 3 that were worth keeping. They're both enjoying being a shutterbug!! And telling ME to say "cheese" while they shakily snap a picture! Its very cute!!! And then it was bed time!!!! YAY!!!!! They both wore new pajamas...and I really think they need to make pj's in the odd sizes...not just 6/8/10....DJ's a 7, so the 6's are too small, and the 8's are 4 inches too long!! He could care less that his pant legs were rolled up 4 times! Hey, maybe I'll get my mom to put a few basting stitches in there til he grows into them!! Good idea!!! :D

Once they were tucked in to bed, I went and took a I was getting dressed, Howie was getting ready for bed! He was waiting for me to be done. So I came out and got comfy in his chair and watched a Glee re-run...don't watch too many re-runs, but Glee is just fine with me!!! Then there was REALLY nothing on, so I watched a movie from my dvr that was boring....but I did get a whole hat knit up! OY!

Til next time...God bless!

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