Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas Partay number one

This morning Howie went that meant I had woke up with kids in bed! And SamSam was coooooold! oh her little toes were a rude awakening!!! I was smart last nite and left them each a sippy cup in the fridge....worked like a charm too!! Howie messaged me at 8:30 that he'd caught a fish! And that he was on his way home already! Perfect timing really!!  I made him breakfast with us which was kinda nice! Then I went and showered for the day as I had to head out to do some Avoning...minus the Avon! Just books this time.

I left at 11 after MANY kisses were given to DJ. Since  no one was home anywhere, the books were flying out of the car!! Makes it easy really! I got done just before 2 and stopped at Arby's for something to eat. I must say, their fries aren't that good...I'm a McD's girl for fries! Next stop was ToysRUs for the santa gifts...boy, are they gonna be SURPRISED!!!!!

Then finally homeward bound!! Howie was in the shower when  got home which was good timing!! I grabbed my makeup and headed to the dining room. Then came the fun of trying to figure out what to the end I didn't wear what I'd originally set out to wear in my mind...which is fine! I did end up wearing my long straight hair piece...such fun!!! But man, after 6 hours, I was ready for it to come OUT!!!!

Dinner was fabulous as usual! I was smart and took the beano in my purse...and actually remembered to take it!!! The Apple Cup was today (that's University of Washington vs Washington State University) which is THE game of the state...and they had a corner set up with one of the massive screens televising it! It came down to the wire too! Just before the overtime happened I told Howie to go watch it...he was antsy and couldn't see the screen from where we, there sure was a lot of cheering! Huskies (UW) won and the evening finally proceeded! In the end they gave away 12 trips to Disney World and 17 to Disney Land...nope, we weren't the lucky ones! Must be nice tho!

After the speeches and video clips we were released to go play at the mock casino they set up. Even with fake money, I'm still not a gambler! Howie did good tho...he turned his 3500 into over 100K...if only!!! I had a great time hanging out with my girls Tiffany and Wyndi! We had some pix taken with the professional photog that was there, and then just chatted. The last time the 3 of us got together was 6 mos ago! I see Tiffany more often tho...but damn, is Wyndi ever busy!

About 10:30 we said our goodbyes and headed for home! Glad Howie was driving as I was a tad intoxicated...not too much tho as I was cordial to the big guy when we got our coats. Even got a kiss on the cheek from him. Got home and got the low down on how the kids were. They did great for dinner...and then bath and teeth...and then Sam fell asleep at 7...we'll see how that pans out for tomorrow morning for Howie. DJ did good and went to bed fine. Even woke before we went to bed so he was happy to get some loves before sleeping again.

Now, its my turn for sleeping

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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