Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Its been YEARS

Since I've suffered like I'm suffering!!! Literally, years!! This morning I woke up sicker than I have been all week! How on earth is this possible! I thought I was on the mend and yet this morning, my throat was on fire, and my poor nose was SO stuffed I couldn't breathe!!

Yet, at the same time I can't breathe...all I can smell is cat pee...UGH!!!! Turns out, the blanket I thought was safe yesterday...wasn't! SO off it went to the laundry room! The comforter too!!! Put the fresh one on and we're good to go!

As I was clearing my breathing orifices, it dawns on me that I have a sinus infection!!! Colour, means infection....yuck!! Years, I tell ya!!! Blech!!

The weather at least was gorgeous and the kids went outside to play...that was helpful....prior to that tho, I'd given them a bath....clean kids digging in the dirt...bad idea! But I had no fight in they won!

While they watched a movie, I grabbed a shower....Thank you Lightning for your undying ability to entertain my children! Well, DJ for sure...Sam came to investigate what I was doing....silly girl!  Since Howie was going to be late home, I took the kids to the park down the, I wouldn't exactly call it a's a grassy area that has 4 swings and a basketball hoop where a pool once was...and that's it! But the kids were pleased as punch to be swinging in the sunshine!!!!!

And when did I get so OLD that even swinging on a swing made me dizzy and light headed?!?!? Its the sinus infection right? Not my age...yeah, that's it! Man alive!! I don't like it!!

We saw Howie drive right by us, so we headed home...I needed to get going for my Avon meeting...and Howie brought home some drugs for me...Zyrtec to clear up my nose...and it WORKED!!! Fast!! Dang! Within an hour or so, I could feel the difference...not sure if that's what knocked me out, but I took an hour long nap watching, I'm gonna turn that nap into bed time!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!
P.S....was there no Glee tonite!?!!?!

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