Tuesday, October 5, 2010

They are officially card carrying members

Of the Monroe Library! And they couldn't be prouder!!!

This morning we were a bit lazy...and DJ was ambitious...he came in to me and asked if he could get himself some cereal...so I said sure...he doesn't like it with milk, so he couldn't make that much of a mess that Snickers wouldn't love to clean up for him!! He even helped Sam get some!! They did both eat toast minutes later...so they're still growing! Instead of 2 pieces tho, he only got one. Sam only ate half of hers before wanting released!

DJ got dressed immediately and headed outside to play with whoever was out there to play with...while Sam just laid around nekkid enjoying the air. lol I got her changed and dressed and we were out the door at 11...just before that I got a call from Lara asking if I was aware that DJ had invited K along for the ride to the shed/library/Goodwill...didn't bother me any! We all loaded up and off we went!! They watched Air Bud while I packed up the books and loaded them in the truck.

Took about an hour and we were off...finally got home about 1:30 and lunch ensued! I'd gotten a pizza from the shed so the kids were easily fed! I'd gotten some Gorgonzola/pecan/cranberry/musclan mix salads yesterday and had one today...I have to say, Gorgonzola (I'm drooling right now thinking of it) is one SHARP cheese!!! Dang!!

The boys were back outside (the kids actually ate outside too) after lunch and Sam watched some Caillou and had quiet time...we also ready books that we got from the library (she didn't let go of her new card for anything!) and I'd also gotten a book for her from the shed, a Barney and Mother Goose book...the very last rhyme was the Barney theme song...so I sang it to her, and she mouthed the words along. SO cute!! One day I'm sure I'll find her singing it by herself! I just know it!

About 4 I got a call from next door asking if K had eaten anything as he was covered in hives...but he hadn't...so off they went to the Dr....DJ was bummed to have to come in. Howie got home early thanks to no traffic and went right to work on our freezer...its not freezing...I had to throw out so much food today as the freezer downstairs is half the size so, I had to keep what was important! Then chipped the ice away from inside and wait for Handy Howie. While he was working, I took the kids outside so DJ could ride his bike...Sam enjoys just walking/running along. Good day for it too!!

Dinner was something new, mushroom souped pork chops! Not sure I've ever made them before, but they were tasty!! I didn't feel up to bathing the kids tonite, so let them be and they played on the computer while I tidied up and got Howie's lunch ready for tomorrow. Thankfully 8 came quick enough and they were herded off to bed!

Monday nites are good for a laugh or two on tv...HIMYM is always funny!!!! Still have Castle to watch and then its beddy bye time!! Speaking of Monday nite tv...how's DWTS going??

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

P.S....Sam took her library card to bed with her...clenched in the fingers of her right hand!!

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