Monday, October 25, 2010

You've got to be kidding me!!

This morning I was woken by DJ who needed to throw, why he needed to wake me up for this I don't know...but, he did...and made it to the toilet....thankfully it was just a dry heave as he barely ate anything yesterday. Howie was already up for the day, so DJ joined him in the living room and apparently dozed back to sleep a bit on the couch. Meanwhile, I'd gotten up thinking Howie was in bed with me...turns out it was Samantha!! She'd woken up at some point and I told her to go back to bed (I had DJ on the outside of me) and to close the door....she closed the door...but slept on the floor at our bed. So when Howie got up, he moved her to the bed. She got up shortly after 8 and since I knew with a sick DJ and a sick Howie (he'd told me earlier) that we weren't going to I slept in til 9:30!! What a treat!

When I did get up, the kids were fed (DJ barely touched his toast tho) and I got them dressed and ate my own breakfast. After I got done, Howie went and took a nap for a few hours. The kids and I just lazed on the couch...DJ was still warm, but not overly fevered. He was a bit on the lazy side too...and enjoyed snuggling with me.

Lunch was an odd mix bag for the kids...crackers, yogurt and an apple...gotta go with what he'll actually eat and hope it stays down! It sure did! He started perking up a bit after that too...he and Sam started playing and laughing and chasing each other. Why is it that we HAVE a dog and we HAVE a cat, but they both chose to imitate them and crawl around acting like one?? Silly kids!

While they were busy, I slipped into the bedroom to put laundry away and take a shower...which turned into cleaning the bathroom...HOW does that happen!?!?! In any case, its done and smells great! And was good to take the first shower in a clean bathtub! 

About 5 I headed to the shed to check out its wares....and then came back to get dinner going. DJ actually ate with us...chicken and cauliflower and grapes! He didn't want his noodles...which is fine. He ate great!! After dinner I gave Howie a much needed hair cut and the kids watched with such interest! They thought it was funny to watch the hair fall! Once done, Howie took some Advil at which point DJ asked if he had a headache...Howie said "No, I've got a body ache" and DJ pipes up without thought "that's just weird!" hahahaha oh the timing of it was perfect!!!!  As he's retelling me the story (Howie's laughing too hard) he says to me "I should have said 'you've got to be kidding me' right mum?" and I bust out laughing!! He sure is a little parrot!!!

Once they were in bed Howie got caught up watching Balls of Fury...sure didn't miss out on that movie! Man, it's DUMB!!!! Thankfully he went to bed and I got to watch Amazing Race....and y'know....there really isn't anyone I'm rooting for so far! No one's made an impact!! The two who were eliminated....don't remember seeing them in previous episodes...not memorable at all! Then of course, its Desperate Housewives and Brothers & Sisters....both were very good! DH had me laughing out loud at certain times!!! And B&S was comical, but in a somber way!

Now, Howie's back out on the couch as he's having a bout of insomnia...and I'm headed in to bed...should have NO problems sleeping! Did I tell you, I'm reading Confessions of a Shopaholic! It really is MUCH better than the movie! The humour is far better in the book than it was conveyed in the movie...but British humour is a thing of its own for sure!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

P.S...DJ's fever broke...he woke to pee about 11 and was soaking wet with sweat! YAY!!!!!

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