Saturday, October 2, 2010

Getting a phone call

In the middle of a great sleep is never a good thing....

Got one this morning at 6:23 am...Howie had forgotten the key to the boat...THE KEY!!!!! lol So he sent Rick to our house to get it...and while he had the house key, Howie called me so to get it from the garage and put it outside so that the dog wouldn't bark and wake me up...yeah. So, I got up, put a robe on and did said task...crawled back into bed and sleep...argh!!!! Before I knew it, I could hear Samantha moving around in her room...singing too!! She's such a cute singer!!

It wasn't til I called out to her that she came out of her room...she's VERY used to being gotten, and not coming out on her own....what an amazing kid! So we had breakfast and she got nekkid pretty much right away...any chance they get they're naked!!! lol After two poopy diapers, I decided to give her a bath....which she didn't mind a bit! I was just about to bathe her and she said she had to pee, and crossed her legs, so I pick her up out of the tub and put her on the toilet...nothing...and she says "All done Mummy" so I take her off, put her in the water. About 3 minutes later she starts peeing in the water.....HA!! So she got fresh water and to her that was a new bath...she was kinda pruny when she got out!

We then snuggled and waited for the boys to return from fishing...I almost fell asleep with her watching Caillou...but 22 mins isn't long enough and she nudges me asking for more...saying Plee Plee Plee for cute! Good thing she's so cute too! 

The boys got home just as it was time for Sam's nap...but off she went!! Howie went too...which left me and I set him up on Starfall and laid on the couch. Woke up an hour later and he was in the bathroom. An hour was NOT long enough...and in truth kinda made me feel hungover a bit. Hate that! Shoulda just not napped at that point! Oh well.

I realized then I had some Avon deliveries to I woke up Howie and off I went! Got home in time to get dinner going and feed everyone. Then DJ got a bath and they both went to bed quickly!! Howie not too far behind them either! Now, I think I'll go knit and watch a The Mentalist in queue on dvr too! Decisions...

As for yesterday...Jake's team lost was a tough game!!! Jake did good...he made some excellent plays and his name was called a few times in the first half...that's all the kids and I saw...the game started at 7 and since it was closer to home than most, I took them with me! It was a beautiful Fall evening!!! The kids enjoyed the mile walk to the game...and got tuckered out on the way too!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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