Sunday, October 3, 2010

Waking up in a panic

I haven't woken up "late" in I don't know how know that feeling when you wake up late for work and then get in a panic about being somewhere on time...yeah, that feeling...I got that this morning! The kids got up just after 8 and I sent them Howie's way...closed the door and went back to sleep! Musta needed it too, as it was 9:23 when I woke up with a start!!! Church starts at 10:30 and we need to leave the house by 10 to get there in time.

But we made it!! And DJ, after many discussions, knew that he was NOT getting gum today because of last week's behaviour! And surprisingly, he did amazing today!! Only took 4 Sundays for him to understand the whole routine! Of course, he still managed to find that one quiet moment to say something inappropriate...thankfully this time it wasn't anything embarrassing. I see all these other kids in the service and they do so well...DJ still has a ways to go before he gets to fully understanding. But today was a step in the right direction!

After church we went to deliver an Avon book to a lady I'd gotten an email, she lives OUT there!! But it was a pretty drive and a beautiful day....and some REALLY nice houses out that way! We stopped for gas on the way home and picked up some fresh corn from a truck from Quincy (no clue where that is, but I know its the other side of the mountains...) that we've gotten corn from before.

Lunch was mix had pizza from last nite, and Howie and I had egg mcmuffins...been a while since I'd made them and they were yummy!! Then the three of them headed out to "work" in the yard...well Howie worked, but the kids ran wild! I stayed in and got some Avon stuff done, and made caramel corn...and got dinner prepped. Jake called about 3:30 and said he was joining us for dinner. He showed up about 40 mins later....I think he speeds! LOL

The kids were THRILLED to see him and play with him and chase him and hide from him...they've missed him! They 'see' him at the football games, but everyone looks the same, so they don't actually see HIM, they just know he's out there. He stayed til about 7:30 and then headed home to do homework. I grabbed a shower and then put kids to bed. Sam was beyond tired!!!!! So beyond tired!!! She lay on the floor having a hissy fit about going to bed...she was too tired to stomp her feet like normal I guess. Since putting them down, they've been quiet!!! So that's a good sign!

Now, I'm off to settle in my chair and watch Amazing Race, DH and B&S...good knitting nite if I'm up to it! Found two holes in what I'm making right now, and not sure if I wanna frog it or keep going...its on size 6's which feel so tiny in my hands. And I really hate finding dropped stitches like that!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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