Monday, October 11, 2010

Ten,10, X

So did it escape your attention the date today!?!?! I think everyone everywhere was talking about the date today!! I guess there's only 2 more years left for all this hoopla...11-11-11 and 12-12-12 Whew! lol 

On the other hand tho...I have a bloggy friend who got married today at 3:10...note the irony...I hope everything went super smooth for her and her new husband! I can't wait to see pix Angelia!!!

This morning I got to burrow down in bed til 9 again...just awesome!!! I got up and started getting ready for church right away while no one knew I was up....just much easier! Once they knew I was up tho, it was chaos! Howie went and grabbed a shower and get ready while I dressed the kids and got them ready. Oh, and eat breakfast!

Church was a little different today...not sure what I was expecting as I knew it was missions Sunday and that there would be a luncheon after...but when we walked in, there were no rows of was all tables!! 29 of them to be exact!!! All dressed with tablecloths and center pieces with flags from around the world in them. We had 8 different mission booths set up around the sanctuary and a guest speaker who was raised a missionary and is one now. DJ was just a bear...there was food set up along the one wall and he was constantly at us about being hungry!! What torture for him!! lol

Finally he was released to the line for was missionary we were to make a mountain of our food...startin with Chinese noodles, rice, chicken and gravy...and the 10 different toppings to add to it...I was quite bland and just kept it to DJ was the same but is wasn't a mountain. He was quick to grab a cupcake for himself and one for cute! While we were getting the food, Howie went to get Samantha from her class, and while we ate, he went and got his food.

We came home and it was nap time for Sam...first one in a week! But she was uber grumpy! I laid on the couch to grab a nap too, and was told to go take it in the bedroom as Howie wanted to get the a/c out of the argument here!! I woke up just after I heard Sam getting up from her nap...and came out to a sight!! The living room was vacuumed, the dishes loaded, and of course, the window was a/c barren! Then Howie grabbed the ladder and changed some light bulbs, and did a few other things I'd wanted done but couldn't reach! The swag under the tv is now the fall coloured leaves!! Looks good! Reminds me of when we moved in just about a year ago!

At 5 Howie took off to get a MUCH needed oil change in the Jiffy Lube....might I suggest NOT going there!!! What a rip off!! After discussing the price with the guy, they got started on the work and turns out the price yesterday was 29.99 and today its 39.99!!! SAY WHAT!?!?! I will be calling their head office tomorrow to complain! That's outrageous!! And jiffy they were not!! With only 2 guys working, Howie had to wait 45 mins! So I went ahead and fed the kids their dinner and then when he got home, he cooked up our steak dinner! Which was YUMMY!!!

After the kids went to bed Howie flipped between fishing, hockey, football and poker...and then went to bed just after which point I got to watch Amazing Race (WHY do these couples snap at each other so!?!?!) and then Desperate Housewives (Oh Lynnette just cracks me up!!!! ) and Brothers & Sisters (which was heartbreaking with Holly not even knowing her own daughter) and now, bed!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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  1. Thanks for mentioning me! What a great day it was. :-) 10-10-10 Sup-ah Lucky!


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