Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What day is it again??

I could have sworn it was Monday...can you imagine having two Mondays in one week!?!?! Sheesh!!!

It wasn't til Howie got home that I realized it was Tuesday! Not that I'd thought all day that it was Monday, but that I hadn't really thought about what day it was! Does that even make sense? lol

The mornings sure are chilly! Maybe if I can see my breath in the mornings the heat might get turned on....that or it turns November...ha! I did finally get my extra blanket washed up...Jasper gave me a gift on that ball...lovely! So its nice and warm in the dryer waiting for me.

This morning we took our time getting out of the house...with Sam not taking regular naps anymore, there's no rush! Our destination today was costco as it was grocery day....and take your kid to lunch there day...according to DJ anyways. So once we finished shopping and sampling cheese, hamburger patties and cheesy tortillas we stopped for a hot dog...which I will never ingest again! Oh it was awful! Yes, they're all beef, but not repetitively was awful in fact! Poor me right? I'm sticking with the chicken bake from now on!

I stopped at the post office on the way home, and also did a local Avon delivery...and then we came home!! The kids stayed outside and played...such a beautiful day!! I got to head in and unload the groceries and get laundry started! Thankfully I'd gotten a load going before we left the house, that helped it move quicker! I finally sat down about 4:15 and dozed til Howie got home...a whole 13 minutes! But it was enough and also enough to put my arms asleep as they were above my head. Odd feeling!

Once Howie was home, DJ wanted to go for a bike off we went! Samantha decided to bring the red radio flyer DJ got for his first birthday...its got 4 wheels, but no going up hill you have to use your feet to move was simply hysterical watching Samantha tip toe like on this thing...moving one inch at a time!! Then she'd stand up and walk while straddling it...not getting anywhere fast...and finally she just picked it up and carried it!! After a few feet of that, she says to me "You carry it Mum" and dropped it! I got some of it on video...but not sure how to send it from my phone to here. I'll work on that.

Also, up the street are some pure bred Border Collies...and one of them is so stinkin smart! He loves when we go visit him and he's getting used to us. So much so, that he grabbed a piece of kindling and tossed it (literally) over the fence for DJ to throw for him to play fetch. HA! They did this for about 5 mins! I got that on video too....but

After dinner the kids got a bath....DJ went out to play before his bath, so he was nice n dirty for his! They were having a bonfire next door...and he loves that kind of stuff! Bed time was easy as they were both tired! Sam made me promise I'd stay home and not go I waited til she was sleeping before heading to Albertsons...since it was Tuesday, the ads were done today and I had a couple things I wanted from it. So off I went...lucky for me the dollar store was still open that's one less thing to do tomorrow where I have to take both kids with me! :)

Glee tonite was okay....didn't really stand out to me for some reason...and Parenthood had me laughing!!! Good Wife will have to wait for a lesser tv tomorrow! lol Now, it's time to grab that blanket and go to bed!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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