Saturday, October 30, 2010

The day she became human velcro!!!!

With last nite's fever arrival for Samantha, she didn't wake up any better!! In fact,. she came in to our room about 6ish and since I had DJ already snuggled up next to me, I sent her over to Howie's side...which he didn't seem to mind one bit! She is a good snuggler. I just wish she'd stop whimpering! She reminds me of my Nanny that way! She'd rock and moan constantly!! And she wasn't in a rocking

Howie woke me shortly after 9...the kids got up at 7 and he went with while he was getting ready for work, I made us breakfast. All the while trying to wake up and deal with a whiny boy and a clingy girl....NOT fun! As soon as Howie left I sat down in the chair with Sam since she was begging for that! She'd had a piece of cheese and a piece of apple while we were eating and seemed to be keeping it down. So after a while I laid on the couch and she snuggled up with me and we both dozed off....she woke up vomiting and I woke up to being vomited on!!!  Definitely THE worst way to be woken up ever!!!!!! Unless of course you're the one doing the puking and waking...that would suck even more! ugh!  And since she's never gotten the lessons on puking etiquette it went everywhere!!!! The couch, the floor, her...and as I'm cleaning it up, I discovered I'd been gotten too! All over the front of my shirt! BLECH!!!! Stripped that off and kept on cleaning. Got her changed and towels laid down to soak up the bile and we sat in my chair again. At least its leather...and we had a bowl handy for any more episodes!

And then she became the human velcro!!! She'd fall asleep while sitting me, but the moment I got up, she'd wake! And I'd have to sit back down and watch more Caillou with her...HATE that show! I'd much rather watch Barney than Caillou!! We also watched Toy Story twice (it was on when I got up) and Charlie Brown's Great Pumpkin special twice. She did let me eat lunch and begged to eat, so I gave her the outside unbuttered crusts and she did fine. So we tried some apple juice water and she guzzled it down. Still everything stayed down...but I was ready! And she kept fakin me out...not fun!

Finally around 4 she fell asleep on her own...and DJ was outside playing so I actually got time to think! Much needed! DJ came in about 4:45 from playing and sat in the other chair and fell asleep about 5....yeah, not what I had planned! And he was a bear to wake up!!! Finally after an hour I carried him to his bed and that woke him up! He was still a bear!

We struggled about what to eat for dinner and he shot down any ideas I had...and settled on a bagel with cream cheese and green beans....and Samantha was still begging for food, so I made her a piece of toast with the most minimal amount of butter (I can't stand dry toast!) and she ate about half of it...and had two teaspoons of my vanilla yogurt and was done. Drank another sippy of water/juice and was good.

Bed time went smoothly and she even let me brush her teeth...didn't much like the towel I laid down on the bed just in case, but didn't fuss too much! In fact, both of them were sound asleep within 5 minutes! Howie was on his way home with a movie for me, so I put laundry away and cleaned up the cat crap and then grabbed a shower...I swear, I could still smell puke! yuck! 

Once Howie went to bed, I tried watching my movie only to find out there is a disconnection somehow between the playstation and the I had no visual! :( Bummed me right out!! Howie had only just gone in the room, so he came out and tried for a half hour to fix it...but couldn't make it work. Hopefully tomorrow morning he can work his magic with real daylight and I can watch it tomorrow afternoon.

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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