Friday, October 8, 2010

Bow Chicka Bow Wow

That's what my baby says!

I can't tell you how many times in the last month I've heard this sung to me by my wonderful 4 year old son! COUNTLESS!!!!!!

What's gets stuck in my head too!!  AND I find myself mouthing the words along with him...or singing it when there's no one else around!! UGH!!!!!!

 I  took some audio of him singing, but my keyboard and blogger are conspiring against me right now...its taken me 5 minutes just to type this 1 sentence out!! And there's this annoying incessant clicking noise happening! So, I switched to the Berry and will thumb the rest in!

This morning we had no plans!! Thank God too! I woke up grumpy! Hate days where it feels like I woke up on the wrong side of the bed and I slept on my side!! Of course it didn't help that DJ came in at 3:30 and I felt like I'd been sleeping all of 5 mins!

After breakfast I did some last minute stuff for Avon as today was my order, did it feel off too!! I sure hope it shows up on Sunday like I'm told it will!!

It wasn't til almost noon before the kids decided they wanted to get dressed...I asked DJ and he be it! lol He was also a bit of a butthead about tidying up the living room like I asked umpteen times!!! At one point his response to me was "I'm trying to relax Mum" HA!!

I tried dozing on the couch for a few minutes after lunch, but Samantha had other plans for me and stood inches away and said "Eyes open Mummy" and that they did! She thought it was great!! Her giggle is infectious! I got up tho and got the sauce on for dinner since it was pseudo sketti nite...with Awana on Wednesday nites we needed something simpler for those dinners. After I got it going we hopped in the truck to go meet up Kody who needed some more Avon books!!! Love that!

Howie got home before us and was outside working when we pulled up...and DJ asked instantly for a bike off we all went! I did remember to grab a tennis ball for the Collie up the street! She was SO excited to see us!! And the ball was a hit!! Should have taken the ball thrower too!

After dinner the kids got bathed and then put to bed...and we watched Big Bang Theory before Howie went to bed. Half the time I have NO clue what they speak of on that show!! And feel like Penny and its all over my head...but its still freakin funny!! Then of course its Grey's and Private Practice...which were both equally good! PP more so tho as it dealt with a real issue I'm sure some doctors struggle with. Treating criminals...esp if its personal!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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