Saturday, October 9, 2010

You Rock!!

Is what I tell DJ whenever he recites a verse for Awana...and if I forget, he'll remind me!!! "You need to tell me I rock Mum!" Cuteness!! He's doing SO well with memorizing and tells me "its in my head, I don't need to say it!" But I make him say it and tell him he rocks!! Cuz, he really does!

This morning, I woke up hearing him crying, and being put in our bed by Howie...not sure what was up, but he got some lovin' and fell back to sleep!! So did I! Quickly too! He bounded up about 8:30 and found Sam who was just waking up too. Nice!

We didn't have anywhere to be this we took it easy! Got some dishes done...some laundry going, or re-going! Oops! I'd told the kids we were going to Jake's football game...a little too early it seems! From about 11 on DJ would ask me "can we go wait in the truck?" and we weren't leaving til 3 or so. They did go out and play for a while, so that distracted them a good while!

Finally the time came to load up in the truck! We had one stop to make on the way, and that was to pick up DJ's pictures from Target that we had done. Oh my, what a handsome boy!!! Of course on the way there...they BOTH fell asleep!!!! And within 15 minutes of Target even!! How dare they!!!! Waking them up is not a fun task!! I woke him up first tho as he knows I can't carry him...but grumpy!!!! It took a bit to get Sam fully aware....and then she was good to go! They both rode in the cart together and we picked up the pix. They had a few "extras" printed if you wanted to buy them...dang them!!!! Its tough saying no!!! But I did manage to pass on tough!

Off we headed to Edmonds for the game...I'd packed us a dinner and they were both excited for that. Howie was already there when we trudged in! I must have been a sight really! The cooler over my neck and on my back, my purse on my shoulder, my Avon bag on the same arm and the blanket, and 4 coats! Glad no one took a pic of that! We got there just as it good timing! Samantha was smitten with the band's music and was clapping along...she was so excited! Hugging both of us as a thank you for bringing her along! DJ made a new friend in another boy, who's one of Jake's best friend's little brother, so off he went to play. He was also in awe of all the drummers in the band section.

The game was good for us! It was a win, so that was just what we needed. Jake did awesome, yet again...but this time he got no personal fouls!! Which is impressive!!!! I was more proud of that than the interception he made!! The final score was 28-3! Way to go Mavs!!!

After the game Howie took the kids home and I headed out with a girlfriend and her friend to a bar/restaurant type place. Boy, its been a while since I've been out like that on a Friday nite...but it hasn't changed! Smokers outside milling, and guys with copious amounts of cologne on that just suffocate you! Smells good when they arrive, but then it lingers too long!!! In any case, the girls had a great dinner deal and I had a diet 7Up.....and the conversations flowed!! So good to get caught up!

About 9:30 I headed home with one stop to drop of an Avon book on the way....the drive home was nice and smooth! I was behind two buses that looked like the Monroe high school football team...I was right too as they took the turn down that road. I'll have to ask Howie tomorrow how they did.  I got home about 10:15 and found Howie we chatted a good while, and he told me that on the way home Samantha told him "Daddy, you rock" which took him by surprise!! SO cute!!!! She's been listening and learning!  I started watching The Mentalist (finally!) and about 10 mins in, he went to was late for him! Now, its late for me and I'm headed in myself! I can almost feel my pillows....

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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