Sunday, October 10, 2010

To Bellevme we go!

This morning was glorious! I slept in!! And slept hard too!!! I woke once when the kids came in at 8 and then for the day at just about 9:30 when they snuck in again!! Howie'd gone to the bathroom and they were super fast! Love those kinds of wake ups tho...snuggles are awesome!!!

The kids were already dressed and fed....such an easy morning! And other than them coming in...I didn't hear them at all! Apparently they woke up at 6:30...yuck! Esp after such a late nite last nite with football.

Serves them right too...they both fell asleep at 12:30! We'd gone to do the book run and as we left the shed they fell asleep! Made the drive that much nicer without the background noise of Air Bud the books delivered, and propane picked up and headed home. Burgers for lunch!!! Been far too long without propane!! and they were so very tasty!!! We'd driven by Burger King in our travels and it got me HUNGRY!!

After lunch we relaxed a bit and then headed to Bellevue to Howie's work for Family Fun Night! I'd heard about them forever, but this was the first time Howie wanted to off we went! It started at 4:30 and we were there shortly thereafter! They turn the double basketball courts into a kid friendly zone!!! Today they had 4 bouncy structures, 4 ping pong tables, probably 16 dance step game pads, and other miscellaneous children's apparatus. DJ was all over the bouncy stuff...and instantly was off and running! Samantha wasn't so sure!!! She climbed up on one and got 4 feet and turned around....then tried the massive slide and turned around...wouldn't even try the obstacle course one! The basketball hoop one she was okay with cuz you couldn't climb on it. DJ was all over the place running wild! He had such a hard time waiting in line for a turn tho...felt he was entitled...took a little timeout and a talking to before he understood this wasn't just about him.

After that it went smoother. In total we were there for 2 hours...plenty of time!! We took the kids for a walk and checked out the swimming pools where they also have bouncy things...what an operation!! DJ was very mad at us for not bringing swim suits! He even suggested we let him swim in his undies!! HA! no...not happening! We then stopped by Howie's office so the kids could see where he works...and all his tools. DJ was impressed!!

On the way home we did the "what was your favourite part of the day?" banter and DJ said "nothing, cuz you wouldn't let me go swimming" hahaha so funny! We promised next time there will be swimming! When we got home we ate a semi-dinner...which no parent would ever approve of, but the kids were pleased! And then it was bed time...with little fight! Sam was probably asleep the fastest!!! She was beat! Her eyes were so heavy the whole way home! I kept telling her to keep them open!

Once they were down for the nite, Howie finished watching his Huskies lose their game and then went to bed...I then watched the next two episodes of The Mentalist I had in dvr! Such a good show...the writers do a great job of making me guess who done it!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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