Thursday, October 28, 2010

Technical difficulties thanks to Verizon

The past couple nites I've cheated and done up my blog post on my Berry, then emailed it to myself and then put it in here....tonite I got foiled....and I currently have no service (thanks to Verizon) and can't get my phone to email me the post...and cant' even get the browser to open to post it there...SO frustrating! So, I'm heading to bed and as soon as I get up in the morning, I'll add the post on the look out...

I've been working with DJ for the last week trying to get him to pronounce Awana correctly...he keeps saying Duwana or Dawana...not sure where the D came from, but it was annoying! Today, with it being an Awana nite, he got lots of practice saying it. At dinner he even made a concentrated effort and paused before he said it...too cute!

This morning found me with TWO kids in obviously Samantha has learned the ropes! At least she sleeps like on position without moving around or kicking whoever is in the way! After breakfast I got them bathed since it was an Awana nite, and we weren't going to be home.

Once lunch was done I kicked the kids outside since it was such a beautiful day out!! Truly gorgeous Fall day!! We've had quite the yucky weather the past few days, so when the sun was shining from the get go, out they went! It was still chilly, but they didn't mind. They even found a wayward friend out there and brought him inside to play!! Been a while since we've seen K...I think Samantha was more excited than DJ! SO cute! He got called home just after Howie got home, which was good timing since we were having an early dinner.

Even tho dinner was early...we were still not early enough for me to check in the first of my group at Awana....I missed 4 early birds. Turns out they arrived at 5:50...and that's a wee bit early for me to get there for! I might request they make 'em wait til I get there before gettin checked in...we'll see. I did get all my stuff done by 8pm again...and put all my stuff away in time to get DJ. His book didn't show up, but they had two kids out sick this week, so we're hoping his book shows up next week...meanwhile his teacher Miss Michi gave us a book of her st least we can keep reading the storyline. DJ was pleased regardless. He was so sweet too...he saved me a cookie...but I'd already gotten a sweet treat from another class, so told him to eat it. His heart is in the right place for sharing!! Love that!!

On the way home he was close to falling asleep....thankfully he was more interested in how my high beams work...and the direction we go to get home. I was thinking the other day I should start teaching him NSWE since he's got left/right sorted out! Smart cookie!

Once he was in bed, Howie wasn't too far behind him. I got my chores done and finally got to sit. Only to discover that Survivor didn't record :( SO sad I am!! Who got voted off?? Believe it or not, no one on twitter or Facebook spilled the beans!! Help!!

Now, I'm off to a full day of Avoning to do!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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  1. That was so sweet he saved his mommy a cookie! That just warms my heart up! You are raising a sweet, sweet boy. :-)

    Do you really want to know about Survivor? I would be bummed if it didn't record too. This season is not that exciting but I still LOVE Survivor.
    It was Jill. Espada won reward and immunity. I was kinda glad. I feel like Brenda is getting too cocky. :-)


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