Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Spot goes to school

Was the blemish on my perfect library record!! I'd even gotten a second warning email...yikes!! All this for a board book!  A child's picture book with flaps that lift up! Imagine what they'd do for a real book!?!? DON'T wanna find out thanks! :)

This morning Samantha got up first and found DJ's sippy from last nite in the fridge...very quietly I might add!! She'd finished it off before he got up and he wasn't too happy about it! Breakfast has changed slightly...for the past 3 weeks its been just butter on the toast...but this past weekend he saw Howie eating peanut butter on his toast and decided that looked good...so now, he's switched to that...and NO butter at all! What a kid! As long as he eats, I'm good!

After breakfast the kids just played while I gathered yet more laundry...I wanna know where the elves hide while I'm sleeping!!! And I wanna know why the laundry fairy isn't stopping by here! In any case, I had added laundry to do today thanks to my stupidly shutting the bathroom door...Jasper let me know! OY! First time in 4+ weeks! So I stripped the bed and got it washing right away! And I got the kids clothes going...we'd been given a bag of clothes for SamSam from my g/f Wyndi....Samantha ooh'ed and ahh'ed at everything!! She's so excited to start wearing them all! There were about 6 dresses, if not more, in the bag and those are her faves!!! Anything she can twirl around in is golden!

After lunch we headed to the shed to do the book run....the kids watched a movie, Sam fell asleep, I listened to some podcasts and loaded up books...then we hit up the Goodwill, and the library...where of course, we returned the dreadfully late book, and checked out 6 new ones!!! More than picture books this time! Since it wasn't busy in the library, the kids played on the computers and I wandered the rows of books looking for ones that popped out at me! I got no complaints from DJ when he was checking them out! He's a pro at that too!! Scanning each book, waiting for the magnetic thingy to demagnetize the book before putting it in the book bag.

We got home and Howie was already here...the kids stayed out to play, and by play, I mean dig in the dirt...thankfully its been dry for a while now, so the dirt just brushes off. It was a chore to get them inside for dinner tho...they were simply having too much fun! Dinner did the trick tho...they were both hungry! After, they were busy busy playing...man, if I could have an ounce of their energy...I'd bottle it and make millions!! They're like the energizer bunny some days!  Oh and DJ does the funniest thing with Snickers now...he sits in front of her, and starts howling...and of course, Snickers can't resist a good howl!!! So the two of them get howling together and its hilarious! DJ ends up in a fit of giggles because of it all! I can't help but laugh too! I am the one who taught him that trick after all!

Once the kids went to bed smoothly, I sat down and watched tv...til Howie reminded me that the bed needed sheets put back on...so we did that and he went to bed. I kept on watching tv, and got A LOT knit up tonite on a sweater that has no person attached yet....might be Sam, might be DJ...might be someone else entirely! Just knitting away is good! Tonite's comedy line up was good too!

Next up...some pillow time and clean sheets!!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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