Saturday, October 23, 2010


Doesn't mean much to me....not sure we ever had one at my school! But, all this week was homecoming for Jake. And tonite the homecoming game against Lynnwood...his cousins' school.

For homecoming, we sure did a lot of homeleaving!! This morn after Howie left for work, I quickly packed up a lunch and snacks and we were outta here by 10:30 headed for the shed to do the books. Took about an hour just to load 'em all up...even managed to grab a dozen for all my free time HA! But they're books I've heard/read about or seen the movie for...and we all know the book is better!!

Once they were all gone we headed to Lynnwood....first stop was Joann's....oh how I've missed her!!! Got the kids and I some new mitts/gloves...and some crafty things for the kids to do....I didn't bring any coupons like I'd planned, so no FUN purchases. I did enjoy walking around tho! I did not, however, enjoy having a pantsless daughter!! She was SOAKED when she got out of the truck!! I could have bought fabric to make pants, and a pattern....but that wasn't helpful. So on my way to my next stop, I kept my eyes peeled for a consignment shop. As I still had a box of clothes in the truck, I toted them with! Ha! They were booking appointments 2 weeks out!! Insane!! So I made one...and then found some pants for SamSam!

Back on the road we went! First to my unit leader's house for a new Avon contract....then to meet up with a rep that wasn't showing up under me and get that taken care of...then across town to drop off said contract to my DSM! Whew!

Then we hit up costco for groceries...and found out they only sell tobacco for resale customers grrrr. Plus lots of other differences from what I'm now used to! After that we headed home at which point both kids fell asleep and it was 5pm! Ugh!

Got home, woke up really cranky kids, got 'em inside, unloaded groceries and put 'em away, made dinner and ate, changed and got ready to head out, changed Samantha and got both in pj's. Met the new babysitter and her parents...kissed the kids and headed to Jake's game!! Whew! Got there just as the anthem was starting...and finally sat down! The game was good...we dominated from the first quarter! Final score being 49-7 for us. Jake had a good game too!! No personal fouls, so that's even better!

We headed home to take the babysitter home (and her 8 y/o sister) who live not too far from here. Great girls and they had fun with the kids! Said they were a breeze to take care of! Just as I'm ready to head out with them, DJ wakes SamSam's room...he'd tricked them into letting him sleep in Sam's bed! He was warm to the touch...and had to pee! He then went straight to bed and I took the girls home. He woke again about 12:30 to poop (I hate that!) and as I was putting him back in bed he started making motions to throw raced him back to the toilet and he threw up. Poor kid!!

He's currently rocking with me in my chair watching tv while I type all this out...but its bedtime for both of us now!

Til next time...pray for safety!


  1. Just random... but do you sing our national anthem? (say the pledge of allegiance, salute the flag, etc?)

    Just curious, 'cuz that's how I roll. xo ~Jacks

  2. I don't sing it (but I know the words thanks to KMPS noon day habit) but I am forced to take my hat off by Howie every stinking time!
    The pledge, I don't know that one...and


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