Friday, October 22, 2010

My BIGGEST one yet

I'm still adjusting to the shift of my Avon schedule...Thursdays are messing me up timing wise...but at least this time I feel like I finally connected with everyone that is on my list! And as a result, I submitted my biggest order yet!! I say "yet" cuz I know there's bigger out here and I strive for that! In fact, have you checked out my website yet?? will take you right to it!! If your order is over 30.00 then use this FREE SHIPPING code: FALL30...I was just about to hit enter on my order when I got last minute text from a g/f who's boss wanted to place and order....LOVE that!!!! Totally worth it too!

Once the order was sent I was free!! Well, sorta...the mom hat came back in a hurry! The kids were in and out all morning playing in the gorgeous sunshine that's about to end soon :( The rains are coming back! So out they went!!! They do play well together tho!

After lunch we headed out to do some grocery shopping...Freddy's was on the list for today since I needed stuff for dinner...and the play land came in handy!!! My vidiots were watching a movie when I was done 35 mins later!! I was tempted to stop elsewhere, but we headed home instead...nothing else on the list was urgent. Plus the weather....gotta take advantage of it!

We got home and they went right back to playing...and waiting for Daddy to get home from work and take them on the bike ride he promised them...meanwhile I unloaded the groceries, put them away and got the sauce started for dinner. While they were out having fun, I grabbed a shower!! Peaceful one!! Without someone popping their head in asking "what ya doing Mum?" cuz it wasn't obvious to begin with!!! ha!

After dinner, it was the kids' turn to get clean....Samantha is becoming more and more amazing to me every day...with her declarations of  "Do it myhelf Mum!" (I'm trying to get her to say mySelf....but not yet!) and this carries on to the bath...she also loves to sing in there...and is practicing her ABC's...SO cute!! DJ on the other hand...asks for "just a few more minutes to play" and then wants to wash his hair by himself....tonite I taught him how to sign the ABC's and he only struggled with a couple letters...his little fingers easily figured out how to make the THAT'S cool!!! Knowing him, he'll want to do that more which will help him get the letters to stick in his head!! Seems that not working on them daily, he's forgotten chunks of the ABC song...lots of practice happening lately!

My sickies seem to be leaving me! Today I didn't take the Zyrtec as it makes me uber drowsy!! My throat still feels raw...and all the Halls candies I've been sucking on have done a number to the roof of my mouth...gotta remember to put them in my cheek! My voice is slowly returning to me sounding...still sound like a man for the most part. NOT attractive!

Once everyone was in bed I watched Grey's and Private Practice...both of which had me glued to my chair!!  Just knitting away and watching!! Grateful that my children are healthy and I don't have to make these impossible decisions!!! Sheesh!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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