Friday, October 15, 2010

No, I don't have a fever

But I am sick! This morning was the worst for this lovely cold I'm sportin'! Oh and it's a doozy too!! This morning I woke up just before 6:30 with the driest mouth in the world!! Took a few minutes to get back to normal...and I'm thankful I did fall back to sleep! Sam was up at 7:30...and DJ was up at 8. When Sam heard me talk for the first time this morning, she asked if I had a "fever" which in her mind means sick...and DJ a couple times today would feel my cute!

The plan for today was to do laundry!! I got it started...and half done...turns out there were 7 loads to be done...far too much for one day really! But I did get Howie's work pants done and the kids clothes done! And Sam's car seat cover! I even got the dishes done and dinner made...but man it tuckered me out!! About 4 I put a Handy Manny movie on for the kids and snuggled with Sam on the couch...and then Howie finally came home!

Every time I blow my nose I get head spins....yeah, its brutal! I'll be lathering on the Vaseline poor raw nose! Last nite using the church's tissues, was very unkind! And breathing...forget it! Smelling...ha! I don't think I even tasted dinner...which sux cuz it was sketti nite!

I did manage to get a shower after dinner, but it wiped me out even more! So I sat and watched BBT with Howie and then he went to bed and I watched Grey's and Private Practice. Both of which were good!!  Private Practice touched a nerve with some I'm sure since bullying is all over the news lately! And then the whole story line of Dell's daughter was heartbreaking! Man!

I added pix to facebook of DJ's recent shoot at Target....turns out I was 14 days too late to catch Sam's pix online and add them since I finally figured out (thanks Steph!) how to add the pix! I should change them out on here come to think of it! Mom, I'll try and get yours in the mail this next week...still waiting on Jake's school his football ones, but no school ones yet.

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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