Saturday, October 16, 2010

That's MY dog

This morning I woke up in a Hughes sandwich with DJ on one side and Howie on the other! I much prefer being the cookie than the icing!!! Upon waking that first time I found I couldn't swallow...NOT fun!! Like razors were at the back of my throat! Then I heard SamSam in search of DJ and then nothing. We all went back to sleep and got up at 8:20! Kinda really nice!! Turns out Samantha crashed on the floor on Howie's side of the bed. He got up with them and got them breakfast, while I lazed in bed til almost 9! Love that!!

While Howie showered and got ready for work, I made us breakfast...and apparently the kids' second breakfast! Then he was off to work! And I was back downstairs conquering Mt Laundry!!

I still wasn't feeling well, so the kids and I watched a movie...after lunch I kept shoving them outside to enjoy the warm sunshine!! DJ finally found his way over to the neighbours house and played with the boys. SamSam was in and out all afternoon. I do believe naps are officially gone! Depending on what time she gets up, she does well with 12 hrs of sleep!

At one point this aft I let DJ give Snickers the heel of a of bread and he tossed it for her...she caught it and he said "that's MY dog mum! She caught it!l he was so he'd. Taught her a  It really was cute to see his face all excited!

Dinner was soup and grilled cheese sammiches!! The kids gobbled theirs up...not so much the soup tho...gonna have to work on that!! I made mine on that dill rye bread...OH MY WORD was it good!!!!! Never done that before!!!

The kids went to bed quite easily after reading to them...and DJ didn't come out once!!! Not bad!!! Can I just say, that Friday nite tv sux!! And I had nothing in dvr to watch!! So I ended up watching CSI: NY and a new show called Blue Bloods with Tom Selleck! I'd been meaning to catch and episode...and it was good! With football season, I haven't been too worried about what's on on Fridays...tonite I opted to stay home with being sick and all....must remember to pick up  movie for the next Friday nite I'm home!

Howie came home after 11 and pretty much went to bed right away...the Mavs lost 16-10...tough loss too! It was 7-7 at half time. He also said it was crazy I'm glad I'm not reporting that I'm thawing at the moment! But I am going to report that I'm going to bed!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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