Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I really shouldn't be allowed to play

With knives!!!! Just this week alone I've cut my thumb AND my index finger!! My thumb I did cutting up a apple with a brand new paring knife...and my finger I did trying to cut open the new package of cheese for lunch. OUCH!!!! And both are at critical points on the finger and I'm reminded of it constantly!! Knitting was a chore tonite because of it!

Last nite was miserable!!!! DJ AND Samantha woke up just before 5...but instead of sleeping with me, DJ wanted to sleep on the couch...so I let him!! And I gave SamSam two choices...with me or her own bed...she chose me. After Howie left for work, DJ came in with us...so it wasn't til 6 that I fell back to sleep. And woke up 2 hours later with a sleeping arm from him laying on it cutting off blood flow to my fingers. Pins and needles aren't a nice way to wake up!

Thankfully we had no where to be/go today! So I bathed the monsters this morning instead of waiting. Plus I had plans for this evening, so I knew it was this morning, or tomorrow...and DJ needed a shower after all that fevering! He woke up good to go this morning! And instead of toast, he wanted yogret (his way of saying it) and banana....fine by me! Samantha was his parrot and had the same. For lunch he ate like a champ with no hesitation! Yup, he's back to normal!

The afternoon flew by and before I knew it Howie was home from work!!! Which meant I had to start getting ready for my meeting. Tonite, my unit leader had a meeting with the unit leaders under her...so there was 3 of us joining her. We're all at different points with our units and it was good to brainstorm and get some ideas. She also challenged us to have an e-party before Christmas...so I'm thinking I'll have one with my facebook fan group and include my blog readers!! So be on the look out! I still want to learn a bit more about how its all set up. But sounds easy enough!

On the way home, I stopped and got two pumpkins for the kids to carve...since we didn't make it out to the patch this weekend, due to DJ's sickies, I grabbed two from Albertsons (they had smaller ones) and I'm willing to bet the kids will be very excited tomorrow! DJ keeps asking when he'll get to dress up like Buzz...he's very excited!!

I got home shortly after 10 and Howie was already in bed and just about to turn the light out...so I tucked him in and came out to watch tv and knit...nothing too out of the ordinary! lol Castle was a good one...had me sitting tense watching throughout!!! HIMYM was funny with the fertility talk...having been in that world for 3 years trying for DJ, it makes me chuckle!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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