Friday, October 29, 2010

It was an Avoning day

From the get go the kids knew it was an Avoning day!!! Since we had NO time restraints on  us, we took our time getting out of the house....kinda nice actually! So, once breakfast was done we headed out....I think it was close to 11 by the time we left. The weather was kinda sorta yucky!! Rainy and gray...but by 1ish the sun came out...just to let us know it was there. lol not for any other reason!!

Most of my clients aren't home during the day, but I did manage to catch a few and show off the new Mino Flip video camera...they were all in shock and awe at how small it is and what it can do!!! Shoot, I don't even know ALL it can do yet! I still need to play with the software program...apparently you can freeze the video and make "stills" from it...THAT'S kinda cool!!!!

We had lunch at Michelle's house...and the kids enjoyed playing with the toys she has for her grand kids...I enjoyed the visit! So much so, that I went back!! To drop of her mom's order and to pee!! Badly!! She was a gracious hostess!!! Thanks Michelle!! The tea and sinfully delicious bread were wonderful!!

It was just about 4 when we headed home...traffic sucked!!! Blech!!! SO glad I don't get stuck in that daily!!! Howie didn't either tonite...he was headed to Oak Harbor for Jake's last regulation football game! What a drive too!!! I knew when we got the schedule this would be a game I'd be missing out on just because of distance! The Mavs did good tho!!! 41-20 was the final score. And Jake's old Junior coach from a rec league was there to watch...that was nice of him to come! Ryan only coached one year, but all the boys looked up to him! There were 5 players on the team that he really neat for him to be there!

After dinner DJ wanted the pumpkins lit up and all the lights I complied and they both enjoyed watching the shadows the candles were giving off. Once they got blown out tho, that was it and the lights came back on....something about candles and kids....they just beg to be blown out! lol  Bed time went smoothly for me and they were both out quickly! Which is good considering both of them had naps in the truck! After that I watched tv til Howie got home...who went to bed quite quickly after such a long day!!

Grey's was kinda boring...but Private Practice was good....right til that last scene where Charlotte got attacked!!! Can't wait til next week now!!!! Sheesh!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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