Thursday, October 21, 2010

Trip to the Punkin Patch

This morning held a certain amount of wasn't til I was dressed and making the kids' breakfast that I informed them we were off to the pumpkin patch to wander. They were both jumping up and down for that! SO cute! It also sped things along a bit, in that they both dressed relatively quickly and without a fight. Bonus!

We arrived 3 minutes late, but I found my g/f Jaime easily...she babysits two girls, Melany and Brooke...and she's the one who suggested we meet up at the pumpkin patch...since she'd been there before, we followed her lead! Starting in the barn, we got to see goats, pigs, ducks, bunnies and kittens....they had fun!! Then we checked out all the outdoor apparatuses...tractor, boat, displays that used pumpkins instead of people...they all had fun exploring!!! Finally we headed into the actual pumpkin patch...and the kids wandered the paths looking at pumpkins and picking them up...or kicking them...why is it kids kick them!?!? Do they look like that it?? OY!

After we finished up and said good bye, we headed home for lunch. The kids started off outside, but ended up inside with me...Might get that picnic table into the garage yet...the foul weather starts up soon, so they say! (whoever THEY are..)  Since it was such a gorgeous day, the kids stayed outside and played hard!! Oh, but before that...DJ fell asleep ON THE TOILET!!!!!! I had no clue he was even in there...but when I went seeking him out, I found in in the bathroom, head bobbing....each bob would bring him closer to his knees...and then finally, he just rested his head, sighed and slept on....HILARIOUS!!!!! I got it on my phone and even some video...the timing was perfect in that K knocked on the door and that was my way to get DJ to wake up! HAHAHA

After dinner DJ and I took off for Awana at church and even tho we left at a decent time, the lights were against me and I hit 4 of 6...blech! But I am getting better at what I'm doing and what's required of much so that I got my duties done at 8 and was able to finally, after 6 weeks, learn how to put all my stuff away and then go get DJ in time! He was SO sweet...he'd told me last week that he was going to save me some cookie from his snack for me...and he did!! One small morsel, but that's just amazing of him!!! Whatta kid!!!  I was all excited for him to get another badge for his vest, but the lost his sad! They're hoping that someone took it home by accident and will bring it back for next week. DJ was disappointed that we can't carry on with the story in the book...but they did print out the verse for next week, so we'll start that tomorrow.

We got home shortly after 9 and DJ went straight to bed...Howie too for that matter! He was waiting up for us and once DJ was tucked in, he tucked himself in!  I got busy with making Howie's lunch and coffee for tomorrow. Then plunked down in my chair to knit and watch tv!, they're ruthless!!!! And cut throat!!! Glad I'm not amongst that lot! No faves for me yet....time will tell!

Now, my head's bobbing and I need to go find my pillows!!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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