Tuesday, October 12, 2010

She has FINALLY lost a marble!!!

And it is so beyond cute to listen to her talking now with all these new words...no, old words with new sounds!!

Her name is no longer Ham...it's Tham...Isn't that just the cutest!?!?!! She's trying so desperately to say her esses....and its just adorable to see her little tongue making the attempt and coming up with a "th" sound...couple more marbles and she'll be non-stop talking!!!

At bed time I've been doing the Alphabet book with her and she can now say Cee, Ess, Ex and Zed....such a huge accomplishment!! She knows she's doing it right too, cuz the smile on her face is just awesome!!!

I caught her counting the other day..and she can count from one to six...and its Thixth....*giggles* and seven is still heaven....but she got all the way to 6 on her own! With no help from me! So tonite after doing the abc book we did a counting book...such a smart cookie she is!!

Meanwhile, DJ has his longest verse yet for Awana this week, and we started working on it last Thursday...he got it memorized that day and since then has been a reciting fool!!! Just amazes me!!! I have high hopes for school for him!!

Today was a stay home and do nothing kind of day! Altho, to be fair, I did do dishes, and we did plant some apple seeds. DJ's been saving all the seeds from the last 5 apples we've eaten in the mornings and has been bugging to plant them...so today we did 4 inside in a pot...and then I removed the dead tomato plant (that made me sad!) and added some fresh earth and then he got distracted and so did I and we didn't get them planted....so tomorrow we'll do that.

Howie got home and the kids begged him for a bike ride...so after fixing DJ's bike (again, the chain came off, turns out the wheel slipped forward) they went for their walk. While I thoroughly enjoyed the peace and quiet! Searched for a recipe for beef brisket and then one for Shepherd's Pie...YUM!

Once the kids were finally in bed after their bath, we were able to sit and watch HIMYM...it was good! Howie even stayed up and watched Rules of Engagement with me...he still thinks its dumb! lol Castle tonite, that was funny!!! The character Nathan Fillion plays is just awesome!! He does such a good job! And I especially like how he tweets things from the show and then we see the show and go "ahhh, now I see it!" lol

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

P.S. Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!!! No turkey here, but we did enjoy a good feed of pork chops!

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