Thursday, October 7, 2010

To the makers of car seats everywhere

Putting car seats back together SUCKS!!!!!!  Seriously!!!

Yesterday I spent the better part of an hour disassembling them to wash the covers...Samantha's came off in seconds compared to DJ's! Man that was a tough s.o.b.!! Honestly!! I shouldn't need a degree to take it off! I see now why it hasn't been done since I bought it in February.

But this morning....putting them back together...uhh yeah...that was fun! NOT!!!!! I did get it tho!! I did win the battle!!! I also chose to get DJ's done first and out of the way since Sam's was a breeze in comparison!! I miss

After that lovely task was completed (I wanna say it was close to an hour...again!) we headed off to visit PlayLand...I mean, Fred Meyer to finish up the groceries. What a lovely trip that was!! I wish all stores had playlands!!! I even got to look at Halloween costumes for DJ without him HOUNDING me about them!! And excuse me...but 25.00 for a PAPER THIN Buzz Lightyear costume is insane!!!!!! Just cuz the name Disney is on it doesn't make it twice the price!!! Now I'm trying to rack my brain to remember who was going to ask a friend about a costume they had...Wyndi was that you!?!?!  Crap I forget now! lol

We got home and the kids ate lunch while I put stuff away....and then they played on the computer while I ate my lunch! I ended up on the phone with a friend and they played outside in the gorgeous sunshine!! About 3:30 DJ asked if I'd take them for a bike off we went. Sam "borrowed" K's tractor to ride instead of that awful radio flyer...and had way more fun!!! The steering on it is limited so she did a lot of zig zagging...still cute!

Oh and the dog we've been playing with...turns out it's a girl...and she was so excited to see us, she hopped her fence to come be with us! Crazy thing! She's such a sweetie tho!!! She was searching the ditches for something that looked like a stick and found this foam pipe cover we tossed that a bit...doesn't throw very well! I think I'll take a tennis ball next time we go up there!!

We got home minutes before Howie did and I tried to hop in the shower quickly...didn't work! So while I was showering, Howie was cooking...or not cooking as the case may be...he burnt it! Saved most of it, but it was only enough for me and the we ate quickly and DJ and I took off for Awana. I really wanted to be there for 6 but it was 6:10 when I sat down at my table! Tonite just FLEW by too!!! I think I'm starting to get the hang of this gig!!! I even got all the points added up for tonite's scoring so the "shares" can be done next week! Whew!!! Only took 4 weeks!!! But by George, I think I got it!!!!

Once home DJ went straight to bed and Howie and I chatted...then he went to bed and I watched tv...Modern Family was hilarious!! And Cougar Town was touching in a way...I think I'll really miss my kid when they move out...and that's YEARS from now!!! lol  Survivor...great show! But definitely not one I'd be cut out for!! Unless of course it was surviving a day THAT'S survivin'!!!!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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