Sunday, October 17, 2010

Germs ARE for sharing

It seems I'm really good at sharing...colds that is! Howie now has my crud and you know how men get when they're sick! He did get up with the kids tho and I didn't hear a thing til I became this cat trampoline about 8:30...scared the crap outta me too!

After breakfast I got ready to head out for a meeting in Snohomish with my dsm...she went to the wrong bbq joint, so I drove to where she was as she was eating. The Naked Pig...what a great name for a bbq shack!! And they had all kinds of pig figurines all over the place!! Sure did smell good too!

After that I headed back to Monroe for a few errands...I'd gotten a call Thursday from the manager of Jiffy Lube apologizing and telling me to come in for a 10.00 refund! Sweet!!! From there I headed to Freddy's as DJ requested some do ya say no to that? While there I checked out shoes for him as he's really in need...and I had this cute 20% off, he got new shoes! I also got a movie, which I'm watching right now, called Hot Tub Time Machine and I must be in a hilarious mood as its just crackin me up!!! Ok, had to put the Berry down to watch it...good laugh! Definitely not something my mom or dad would enjoy due to language and nudity...but we thought it was funny!

Back to my day...I also stopped by the consignment shop here in town to fund DJ a costume...every day he tells me something different he wants to be for halloween...I found a Spiderman costume in his size AND a Buzz Lightyear costume!!! They were both the same price, so that wasn't a deciding factor. I called Howie and let him be the one to pick! He chose Buzz!!

I finally got home just before 2 and DJ was positively THRILLED with the costume and wanted to try it we let him! Fits perfectly!! This made SamSam wanna put hers on, which is SUCH a switch from last nite! I tried her giraffe costume on and she freaked out!! The pix are funny...but she was NOT pleased with me!! Today, whole other story!! So, I got some pix on the real camera and I'll have to upload them later. Way too funny! I sent Howie for a nap as I know what he's going thru, and the kids and I watched Cars per DJ's request. They bore too easy now with that movie...but it did keep them quiet the majority of the time he was sleeping. When he did get up, DJ started begging for a bike I took them both out. Samantha insisted on using the radio flyer again and I had a brainstorm...raise the seat so her knees aren't in her face...she didn't like that one bit! So we compromised and I let it be half way the end she ditched the bike and walked with me! Too funny!!

After dinner I bathed the kids and got them in bed! Howie was watching football, so I cleaned the kitchen and puttered on the computer...he went to bed in the 3rd quarter but I kept it on for background noise...and got sucked into it!! It went into 2 overtimes and WA Huskies won by 1 point!! Howie came out cuz he couldn't sleep during the 2nd OT, so he got to see them win! Then he watched the movie with me and headed to bed. Which is where I'm headed now!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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