Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Adding to my resume

I've added surgeon to my list of skillz yo! Pumpkin surgeon that is!! The kids woke up this morning after 8 and it was fabulous!! They were very excited to discover the pumpkins I left on the dining table.

I was very excited to learn how much leverage those pumpkins gave me!! It got the toys picked up and SamSam's room put back together...and fast too! I e never seen DJ move that fast! Hmmmm lol

I did tell him we'd do them after lunch, and my Avon showed up just before I got a tiny bit distracted with the 6 (yes SIX) boxes that came. Once done eating, I bagged up my orders and prepared for the goop extraction.

Ohhhh amongst my order was the new Flip video from Mino that Avon will be carrying for 139.00...this thing is freakin AWESOME!!!!! Seriously!! Its smaller than my cell phone! Can hold an hour's worth of recording!! Doesn't need batteries, or cords!!! Plugs right into your computer with any USB port and charges while it downloads your videos! Comes in a case and with cables to plug it right into your tv to play vids right on your screen!! The kids liked seeing themselves on was cute! (Ok that was uber easy to upload!!!!!! I'm REALLY likin this Flip!!!!)

So, before I let DJ dig in the punkin guts, I grabbed the Flip and recorded his hesitation! He's all boy til it comes to gucky things...and punkin guts are gucky!!! lol Samantha on the other hand dig right in there with her spoon! The faces carved weren't too spectacular, but DJ was in awe of my skillz! He wanted a scary face, so we put fangs in his pumpkin's smile and he thought that was great!! Either way, they were both pleased as punch with my efforts!

After the carving we snuggled on the couch where Samantha fell asleep in my 5pm!!!! Yikes!! So I let her doze for a half hour before waking her up gently! Which seemed to be the key...she was nice!! Kisses work wonders!!!

Howie was working late, so I got dinner ready for all of us and stored his in the microwave. Both kids ate their sketti very quickly! So ice cream was in order and they were thrilled! As I was doing dishes, Howie snuck in and scared the crap outta all of us!! Phew! After he ate, I grabbed a shower and he pj'd the kids. Then they went to bed with minimal fuss.

It was a Glee night...but I have a confession...I wasn't that excited for it since I've never seen Rocky Horror Picture Show...I know, you're What can I say...I led a sheltered life...ha! Blame it on my parents...I do! :)

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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