Thursday, October 14, 2010

That's MY boy!!!

This morning dawned with beautiful sunshine!!!!! What a gorgeous Fall day!!! Sam was the first one up and she headed to the living room...I got up to use the bathroom and when I came back to bed DJ was awake an wanting to go out to be with off he went!

After breakfast, we started getting ready to head out for some Avoning! I had a few stops to make...thankfully only half what would have been normal as I'd handed out lots of books at the game last week! Smart thinking! We headed out at 10:30 and came back just before 11 as I'd forgotten my own books!! D'oh! It was 11 when we left for the second time! The thing with doing day time deliveries...they go faster...but I don't get to chat with anyone! Which kinda sux!

The kids were fabulous!! Samantha fell asleep about 11:30 and slept for about 40 minutes...til the car stopped...she's got this soon as I stop, her eyes open! She never did transition well as an infant either! We got all done in Lynnwood about 1:45 and headed to Woodinville to meet up with my g/f Denise and her g/f Janice, both of whom I had orders for! The meeting place was costco...which hindsight says I should have gone in and gotten some bananas...shucks darn it!

Our last stop was in Monroe and was easy...I did get to drive a new road...well, start at the other end of a road I've driven a couple times.....the kids enjoyed the sights...cows and horses! There was a lot of neighing and mooing going on in the back seat! No dvd player means they have to entertain themselves somehow!

We got home in time for me to bathe the kids...DJ was boy stinky and needed to be clean for Awana!! Which we headed to right after dinner!!! DJ took off for his class and I headed to my table to start checking kids in...we were a bit late, so I must work on doing dinner even earlier on Wednesdays! I did get all my work done by 8 which was impressive!! These kids are keeping me on my toes!! Still haven't got their names memorized!

DJ and his teacher found me quickly and that was a help! He even won an award for "good listener"...I had to ask her to repeat it as I was in a bit of shock!! MY son was a good listener!?!?! HA! He won a small container of red play dough like substance...and thot that was just the best thing in the world! Forget about the stickers he got for saying his verse....the play dough was it! In fact, after he was put in bed, he came out to ask me "if you'd take me to a store we've never been to, to buy play dough toys" ha!

Once he was settled I started in on Survivor...the merge sure did make things interesting!! And editing did a good job of showing why Tyrone got voted off...sometimes I wish we'd get unedited stuff to watch. Modern Family was hilarious as usual! As was Cougar Town! Then I watched a movie I'd dvr'd a long time ago...Bond Of Silence...based on a true story...very touching! Thankfully my hormones were in tact and I didn't cry! I did get a lot of knitting done tho!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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