Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Don't Go Breaking My Heart

Today was a good day!! The kids were relatively good together!! I wish tho, that Samantha would realize that DJ is just that much bigger and stronger than her and that yes, it will hurt when you hit the ground! But she gets up, shakes it off and attacks right back! Atta girl!!

DJ on the other hand, needs to stop hitting! Not Sam so much, as its me and Howie....just tonite he picked up 3 different things (ball, book) and hit Howie with it..and the same with me, but only once. What's that all about!?!?! Geez! It hurt too!

UPS finally showed up with my Avon...and the box was dented up good...when Avon delivers, they do a far better job! Shame on you UPS! So after lunch I got everything bagged up and checked out some of the Christmas demos I got to show off! SO excited!!

As I was doing this, DJ was outside playing with the boys having a blast! Sam was content to be inside even tho I told her she could go out...she reminds me of me! We did sit and snuggle a bit in my chair and I finished off a tedious book that took far too long to read!! I've got quite a few in my arsenal now, and not sure what to read next!! I picked up Kiterunner and Shopaholic recently from the I might have to toss a coin! lol I also have Tuesdays with Morrie...that may be the one I pick as I know it will be good!! Just need kleenex nearby!

Tonite's dinner sounded good...the beef brisket in the crock smelled GREAT but the flavour was lacking honestly! boo! We only ate half, and so I had Howie cut up the other half and put it back in the's hoping it soaks up flavour! After dinner since no one needed bathing I started sewing DJ's Hopper patch he got last week onto his Awana vest...he was so proud! Once the kids were in bed, I went out and swapped car seats for tomorrow's Avon delivering...easier mileage wise in the car. Not so much without the dvd player to occupy the kids...but they'll survive!

Then it was Glee time!!! Duets tonite...which was interesting!! The new kid, Sam, sounds great!!! I just love this show!! Have I said that before?? A few times? hmmmm its true tho!!! Then I watched Raising Hope, which is growing on me, and Running Wilde, which is not! Parenthood was good tonite too!! And Good Wife was fantastic!!!

And the news....have you seen the Chilean rescue?? How could you not!?!? I was following it on twitter and then got to watch it on the 11 news! WOW! I can't begin to imagine being underground for 69 days!! Probably a good thing they're coming out at nite...might be too much of a shock to see the sun right away!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops! (And the miners!)

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  1. Awh, too bad the brisket wasn't so hot. We have been eating wedding food leftovers. Meat balls and pork loin. Wish you were closer!


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