Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Another year older

Another year wiser....maybe! But when you turn 29 over and over and over again, you're smart enough...right!??! I mean, I could totally pull off telling someone I'm only 29...right!?!?!? The only answer here is YES!!! lol

This morning Samantha was the one to wake first, just before 6 with changed her up and plopped her in bed beside me where she fell back to sleep easily....til DJ joined us just before 8 and a snugglefest ensued!!!! I told the kids then that it was my birthday and that I'd let them make cookies for me..DJ thought I meant right that second...he was excited!

The rains were here today....if I was a duck, this would have been perfect weather for a birthday...but I'm NOT a duck (nor do I sound like one or walk like one...just for clarification!) and was bummed to see it raining! It wasn't drizzling, or sprinkling, it was outright raining! Today at the fair, it was 2.00 Tuesday...go before 2 pm and its only 2.00  person instead of 10.00...and since the kids are both under 5, they would have been free! BUT with the rain, no thank you! Did that last week, not doing it again!

After lunch I got a  text to go meet a client with her order...simple 5 minute drive there and back..with maybe a 5 minute pit stop to chat...on the 5 minute ride home, Samantha falls DJ and VERY quietly get out of the truck and she sleeps on...thankfully with it only being 59 degrees out the heat was on in the truck and it was nice and cozy in there. DJ took off for the neighbour's house to play with K and I came inside and got laundry going and dishes washing...typical birthday stuff! lol

About 3 I got another text to go meet another client, called on DJ and he was good to stay playing, so sleeping Sam and I took off for the church where I was meeting my g/f. She woke up just as I was parking the truck and scared the crap outta me by talking to me! Denise showed up about 5 minutest after we arrived...and since it was coming down pretty hard, I drove her over to the entrance of the fair...she was attending a concert tonite.

Howie got home just after 5 and the phone calls started!! My sister Joanne called, my g/f Joanne called, my mom called and my FIL called. The number of messages on facebook alone is truly mind blowing to me!! And SO special!!! I feel loved!!

Dinner was a wonderfully grilled steak, baked potato, green beans and bread!! And the cookies the kids made! That was fun actually! We seriously cheated and they "made" the frozen pre-shaped ones we got with Jake's football team...they didn't care and sat there for the first few minutes watching thru the window of the oven! Before serving them, DJ and Howie sang Happy Birthday to me...Sam sat there just smiling watching it all til the end and tried vocalizing. Love it all!!

Bed, now that was a chore!! Samantha was all worried about something I couldn't decipher, and refused to hug Howie til she'd had a fit...then DJ was being ornery and wanting a different cd in his player...and then finally silence came over the house! Howie started off in our bed, but the cat has peed on the bed twice now in three days, and he was having scent issues, so he's downstairs snoozing! Here's hoping my spidey nose doesn't pick it up! Must get a mattress cover!! This is getting SO old!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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