Saturday, September 11, 2010

Thank you Veggie Tales!

After 2 months of watching the videos my mom and dad gave the kids, the message has sunk in!! God likes it when you share!!! This was DJ's declaration at dinner tonite about the Carmel corn sitting on the table torturing him!!!!

This morning dawned way too early yet again...I woke up to a kid at my back sharing my pillows with me! As I lay there waiting to drift off again, I heard a door close....knowing that Howie wasn't going fishing I was Samantha looking for DJ...she'd gone into his room to find him. Came into my room asking for him and I whispered he was sleeping and she needed to be quiet...ha! She lay down beside me for all of a minute! Got up and went to his room again just to make sure! Then I thought she'd gone into the living room until I heard "JJ?" (that's what she calls him)  "JJ?" "JJ?" over and over...realized she'd found him and was trying to wake him! Brat!! it worked too! He woke shortly and asked to go watch tv...and asked if there were sippy cups...which there was.Thankfully Howie got up and I got to sleep some more.

I couldn't sleep too late tho as I had somewhere to be at 10!! I'd been invited to a clothing exchange with some friends....take clothes your kids have outgrown and pick up clothes they're growing into! I scored way more stuff for SamSam than DJ!!! Good thing their closets aren't bursting and there's plenty of room for stuff to hang and wait!

I got home from there about noon and the kids were quite happy to see me and have me make lunch! Once we were done eating DJ and I headed to the shed to do the book there were A LOT of books!! I couldn't fit them all in my truck!!! When we arrived my friend Jill was there with her kids...of which Peter is the same age as DJ...and then just as I was loading the last box up, K's family DJ went home with them and I took the books to Goodwill. LOVED cranking the music up!! Not that DJ minds...but he'd much rather watch one of his dvd's! Lately its been Veggie Tales.

So before dinner I got busy making Carmel corn for Howie's payment...and it finished just as we were in the middle of dinner. Since I use the table to spread it out to was torment for DJ. He kept asking if he could have some...and Howie would inform him that it was his...and he didn't want to which point DJ pipes up "God likes it when we share!"  How do you argue that logic!??!? Yes, he got some when he was done dinner!!! They both did!

After dinner I bathed a dirty DJ and a clean Samantha...turns out they'd gotten a bath last nite when Michaela babysat...can we say PERFECT BABYSITTER!?!!?!?!! Since Samantha had only had an hours nap, and DJ had been outside playing all evening, they were whupped!!! And fell asleep easily. Then the packing began! I have discovered that it doesn't matter if you go camping for one nite or one still gotta pack all the crap up!!! OY! And I'm only going for one nite!!! Which means, if I do get a chance to, I will blog, but I may have to miss tomorrow nite! Don't seand out the search party til Monday morning! lol

Howie's fishing in a derby tomorrow and I'm going to a concert over the mountains...which is why we're camping over nite so as to avoid traffic at midnite and having a 4 hour drive! The kids will be going to my g/f Kody's house for the day til Howie picks them up. I'm really looking forward to it!!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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  1. Ohhh a getaway! In the mountains too? Nice! Hope the concert was good and you had a blast. That is one nice babysitter to bathe the kids! :-)


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