Saturday, September 4, 2010

Are you ready for some FOOTBALL!?!?!?!?!

This morning dawned bright and early!!! After last nite's changing-of-the-sheets at 2 am, I was exhausted!! I've been warned that Jasper has his final days with us now...saddens me, but damn the mattress can NOT take anymore pee!!!! Last nite before I went into the bathroom the bed was fine, he was in there with me, left and when I got done washing my face, he'd peed the bed! NOT cool!!! And not something I enjoyed doing by myself! 

The kids were up just after 8 and raring to go!! I kinda felt a little wise, day wise, time wise, sleep wise...just all over! Like the rabbit in Alice...late! I hadn't done up the grocery list yet and today was pay day...I hadn't brought up the kids clean clothes, and they're running around naked! DJ somehow convinced me to let him put his swim suit on and go swimming at 10:30 in the morning...yes, the sun was shining, but it wasn't HOT out! The kids next door were, so he joined them...turns out, he didn't actually go in the pool! And ended up wrestling on the trampoline.

Meanwhile Samantha is refusing to get dressed, so I leave her be and work on the grocery list. At one point I look over and she actually dressed herself!!!! The pants were on right but her shirt was backwards! I was shocked!! She was pleased with herself...she did it "by myhelf!" Still hasn't mastered those S's!! It cracks me up too! I'll take a picture of her and she'll say "Me hee Ham!" How silly does that sound!?!?! She's starting her own language!

Lunch was a chore for some reason...DJ was being obstinate! Samantha ate everything by herhelf and DJ was being a baby about wanting me to feed him. I refused and went to get ready for the game. The original plan was to leave at 2, go to the book run, and then head to Edmonds for the game. It was 2 when I got done getting ready and DJ hadn't eaten one bite of his green beans! And it took another half hour to get him to finish up! It was 3 by the time we were out the door...I had the backpack with our sweatshirts, the cooler with some food, my purse, two sippy cups and shut the locked door behind me...yes, LOCKED!!!! I had no keys!!!! ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

I check the truck for a spare, nada...the garage door is locked, and I know for a fact that the sliding door is too as I'd just done it 5 minutes I go next door and grab the spare I gave them, get the keys and hit the road! Thankfully the next book run isn't til Tuesday, so the books didn't HAVE to go today, and I skipped it! Instead I went thru the bank drive thru and headed to Edmonds...with two sleeping children!! So I put my new Trace Adkins cd on and enjoyed all the new songs!!! They're hilarious!!! And that voice gets me every time!!!! The song Brown Chicken Brown Cow makes me laugh out loud!!!

I got to the school a half hour early, so I let the kids sleep a bit more and surfed my most annoying-ready-for-an-upgrade phone for a bit. About 4:50 Sam woke up so I got our stuff, woke DJ and headed into the stadium.  Perfect evening for football...til the sun started setting...kinda tough to watch a game with the sun in your eyes...who designed that!?!?  The first game was actually well attended since school was out, it's a long weekend, and it was at 5 pm. And they kicked some Shoreline BUTT!!!!! Final score was 34-2 we trounced them!!!!  We even got to hear Jake's name called a couple times over the p/a system! For good things too! lol

The plan was to go out for dinner after, but Howie bailed on us, so the kids and I went to Burger King to eat and then Dairy Queen for a treat. Even after all that, the kids still wanted a hamburger bun (I had a pkg in the truck) DJ gave Sam a 1/3 of one and ate the other 2/3 and then asked for ANOTHER one!! Of which he ate half of it before saying "I think I'm filled up now Mum!" we're in the midst of a serious growth spurt!!!! The past couple days he's been like an ant hoarding food for winter!!!!

When we got home at 9:30 DJ was asleep and Sam was just about to drift off til I opened the door and the light came on. Howie was still up and came out to grab DJ  and carry him them both pajamaed and in bed quick! Howie was immediately following them....til he sat down on our bed and smelled pee again...I don't think it was new pee, but it was strong! So we stripped the bed, I febreezed it, and he took his pillows downstairs. I'd totally join him, but there would be serious tears if the kids couldn't find me in the morning!! It would be kinda funny....for a minute!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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  1. Your cat has a urinary infection, take him to the vets to get it cleared up, and feed him food that has a low ash content. poor cat.


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