Thursday, September 2, 2010

Moon Lover

I am truly a moon lover!!! I love looking in the dark sky and finding it! Tonite was low and half crescent like...and a gorgeous colour! I'm such a night owl!!! I'd make a good

This morning both kids gave me the wonderful gift of sleeping in...DJ joined me but went back to sleep til 8:56 when SamSam got up. I'd changed her last nite before I went to bed, so she wasn't soaked when she got up! Might be the new game plan for her!

Unfortunately, with the kids getting up so late, we were kinda rushed to get out the door by 10 am!!! I signed up my 2nd recruit with Avon this morning!!! That's 2! I've got one more in the works, which just leaves 2 more to get before I attain Leadership!! Moving right along!!!! I'm so pleased with this! Look out world!!!

After signing Kody up, we stayed for lunch and the kids played while we chatted...just about 2 we headed to Everett to a new-to-me place called Cash And Carry...O M G!!!! What a place!!!! Its just jam packed with all kinds of stuff! Like costco, but you don't have to 10 of something to get the deal!!! All I went for was little containers with lids for sampling out liquid stuff for Avon. WOW! I so want to go back kidless!!!

We stopped on the way home at Freddy's to see what they had in the way of mattress covers...I'm beginning to think maybe Jasper's just getting old...and crotchety...and I could go on, so instead of losing the mattress completely, let's try and save it some! They didn't have the Queen sized cover, so I went with a pad for now, and I got the plush ones as the other ones sound like a shower curtain...I don't want noise while I lay down! I also got DJ a cover for his bed since we've already had a couple might as well start now! He thought it was cool! lol What does he know!! 

We beat Howie home I got working on the sketti sauce right away! Howie worked out in the garage when he did get home and the kids ended up out there too! It was a beautiful day here considering yesterday!!! I think it got to 72...not too bad at all!! It always strikes me funny how quickly my birthday ends with September! I wait all month for it and BOOM its over just like that and into a new month!!

After dinner I kissed everyone good nite and headed off to Seattle for a follow up with Shirah...we went to her as she had to work late. Can I just say, I'm SOOOOOOO glad we don't live in downtown Seattle!! Those streets are CRAZY!!! Insane! We did finally find Cafe Ladro, and I'm so thankful Rachel drove instead of me!! I'd have needed caffeine just to recover...and I don't do caffeine! I had a good hot chocolate tho!

It was close to 9:45 when we headed north to Lynnwood again...and after a stop at Rachel's house to learn a few things online, I headed even more north (and east) for home!! I don't think I've sat in my chair for more than a diaper change all day....must. go. sit!!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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