Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Dear UPS...

YOU SUCK!!!!!! Seriously!!!! You don't work in Monroe on why didn't I get my stuff on Monday!?!?!?! WHY did I have to wait til 7:45 TUESDAY evening to get my delivery!?!?!? Plus I wasn't even home to get it!!! I was off at an Avon rally...which was interesting in an of itself! I really hope you get your act together...or I'll have to switch districts and get back to my normal Tuesday/Friday schedule!!! In fact, I think that's already in the works! So, :-P

Dear DJ...thanks for spilling your red crystal light all over yourself....about 20 minutes after you got dressed!! I also appreciated you telling me WHERE you spilled said juice as I could have saved the carpet those few drops, not to mention my pants when I sat down in my chair and discovered the wetness!! That was lovely!!!

Dear Samantha...sorry you woke up in a were slightly fevered, even tho the therm said you weren't....I did enjoy our morning snuggles tho!! By the way, could you use real words from now on?? When you asked me what you asked me at lunch time, and I said  "sure"...I didn't know you meant you wanted to give the dog your pizza!!!! Send an interpreter will ya!!

Dear Howie...sorry I've been gone so much this more nite and then I'll stay home for a Thanks for stepping up with the kids...they haven't complained!!! :)

Dear weather...would you pick which season we're gonna have and stick to it!??!! Today was a little on the chilly side compared to the last two days...I actually needed a jacket! I'd love a few more days of sunshine...seems my tomatoes would have too...I noticed today that all the leaves were dead and the still green tomatoes have mold on them...NOT fair!!!!!

Dear Glee....OH EM GEE you are such a fantastic show!!!!! I laugh most of the way thru and sit there boppin' my head or tappin' my toes the rest of it!!! This year is just even more stellar than than the first!! Its like you came out at halftime with your A game on!!!! LOVE it!!!!! The Britney stuff was hilarious!!!!!

Dear also rock! I think you're portraying a family with an autistic child quite accurately and all the emotions that go along with it. Such a moving show!!! And you also have your moments of fun!!

Dear Pillows...I hear you seductively whispering my name...I'll be right in very soon!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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