Thursday, September 30, 2010

My Mother would be so proud

I tried something today and I'm sure she wouldn't have hesitated at....

Moroccan Chickpea Bisque

Which to me, sounds like watered down I right?? ha!

But was YUMMY!!!!!! Mom, you'd have loved it!!!! Totally!

This morning the kids were up at 7 and content with their I didn't get up til 8 which was nice! I do crack up when DJ asks me "Mom, are you gonna make us breakfast or what!?" hahaha I should answer "no" tomorrow and see what he says...hahaha!

After breakfast, we busted butt to clean up!! I'd tried tidying on Tuesday but in the days since, the toys clutter up...clothes pile up...ugh!!! So they tidied, I tidied....DJ vacuumed, I vacuumed...I did dishes, they played....and I even bathed them!!! All that before noon!! You see, I had a g/f coming for lunch...and to pick up her Avon...since she'd never been to our house, I wanted it presentable! I think we did good! lol  She probably didn't notice, but at least she wasn't grossed out either! Well, aside from our welcoming spider webs! She hates spiders!

After a yummy lunch we chatted a bit and then she left...DJ went out to play and Sam had a quiet time. I fear her nap times are dwindling off...makes me sad that she's growing up so fast!!! I don't like it!! I remember my mom telling me my little sister still napped til she went into Grade 1...which TOTALLY explains why she loves sleep so much...hmmm, maybe its a good thing to let the naps

I got the sketti going about 3:30 and also got the laundry going...never ending! Howie got home and flopped....he was hurtin I took the kids out for a walk/bike ride...K came with us, and then got picked up to go to D's football practice. At which point DJ decided he was done and headed home...til he met the neighbour across the street's grandson who's the same age as they went!! They had fun! Samantha was having fun just walking back and forth...she was tired from the lack of nap!

After dinner I grabbed a shower and put laundry away....then it was kid bed time...and Howie bed I grabbed my knitting and sat down to Thursday nite tv...I think I like Big Bang Theory on Thursday nites! Then of course there's Grey's and Private Practice....Grey's was emotionally charged with what was going on with Cristina...Sandra Oh is a phenomenal actress!! Really! And Private Practice...WOW! Talk bout privates!! Did not see that semi-ending happening!!! I won't spoil it for those who dvr it and watch later...but WOW!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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