Thursday, September 16, 2010

This little morning habit

Has got to stop!!! This morning Howie found Samantha on the couch watching tv at he woke me up to ask me what to do....and he put her back in bed!! While she was out tho, Jazz had gone in and found somewhere comfy...or simply she'd gone in and gotten trapped. At 6 am Sam came out of her room screaming and crying and pointing at the cat. After I settled her back in her bed, she was good til 7:30!

Can I just say, I'm tired this week!!! You'd think with it being darker later in the morning and earlier in the evening my kids would understand this...ha! Not the case!! I am REALLY looking forward to sleeping in some tomorrow morning!!!

Since it was a rainy rainy day, we stayed home...we've got plans for tomorrow, so today was a home day! It was also dishes day, and laundry day! As of right now, the floor in the laundry room is BARE!!!! All the clothes have been washed....still workin on the drying! And since it was so rainy, when DJ asked for a fort in the living room, I obliged!! He made me lay down a blanket as their rug and then around 4 chairs we set up a big blanket with clips so it wouldn't cave in on them....SO cute!!! They even ate their lunch under there!

While Sam went down for her nap, DJ went out to play in the rain as the boys next door were out...and he was out there for a half hour maybe and came in...they'd gone in, so he came in. Then he spent the next while on the computer with Starfall and playing all the games and letter sounds. Sam joined him when she got up and I sat peacefully in the living room listening to them actually co-operating and laughing together...and watched the rain fall. Perfect solitude!

Howie got home after 5 and I got dinner going. While it was baking I quickly hopped in the shower. Good timing the knock just as I stepped out. After dinner I literally clock watched til they were in pj's and bed!! Then Howie and I watched some reruns of Big Bang starts fresh next week! Now, I'm gonna go sit and clean up some stuff in dvr before bed!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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