Tuesday, September 14, 2010

If I had a million dollars...

I'd be rich!!! ha! Gotta love those Barenaked Ladies!!!

Seriously tho, if  I had 600.00 laying around that wasn't earmarked for anything (ha, like that would happen!!) then the title of this post would read: "Our Newest Addition is...." and then continue to read: this adorable puppy we named ________!!!  Alas,  I do not have the spare change and that cute feisty Aussie stayed at the pet store!!! *sigh*

This morning the kids and I went on a pet store tour with the Mommy & Me group that I've kinda slacked off from...but not on purpose...in any case, the tour was at a store called Bridges in Snohomish. WOW what a fantastic store!!! Just about every imaginable pet you could want...and all their paraphernalia!! The kids got to pet a kitten, guinea pig, hamster, hairless rat (EW! and then it had the nerve to poop on one of the kids!! Thankfully, not mine, but the kid next to SamSam!!), turtle, lizard, and two puppies. And they got to see snakes and a whole mess of fish!!! They even had a catfish in one of the ponds! I'll steal a few pix once Linnae posts them as I KNOW she got some good shots of my two monsters!! They really enjoyed it all too!!

After that, on a whim, we joined up with whoever was going to the park! Feels like forever since I've taken them to a park! This park, was pretty kool too!!! DJ spent 96% of his time on this digger thing just digging up woodchips. Sam of course was all over the creative and sliding and swinging...she had a blast! Then we took a trek down the hill to see the ducks in the nearby lake. There was this lady there who had a bag of hotdog buns she was feeding to the ducks...and at first she was kinda rude about not sharing with the kids (it would have been FUNNY if DJ had piped up then about how God likes it when we share!) and eventually she warmed up and let them trow some in. Samantha got soaked up to the knee...crazy kid!

We headed home then and got lunch made and eaten. Sam went down for her nap and boy did she need it! She'd fallen asleep in the last 1/2 mile on the way home...so she was kinda grumpy and more than ready for a nap! While she was napping DJ had a quiet time on the couch watching Phineas and Ferb...which moved to afternoons now cuz the older kids are back in school. I was busy reading up on my character!

During the pet store tour it was discussed about the Mom's Night Out and how it was a murder mystery dinner! HOW FUN!!!!! After chatting with Howie it was decided I would go and have fun! So I signed up with the hostess who happened to also be on the tour! Its quite the operation really! The email had background of my character and brief background on the other people in the game. As I'm deciding what my matriarchal costume should be I get another email that someone had backed out of a main role and would I take it...sure thing! So I went from being the Aunt to the Detective! FUN!!!!

Howie got home from work and I went to get ready...and out the door I went! Got 5 mins from home and realized I'd forgotten the fudge I was taking, so I turned around and grabbed it! Thanks honey for putting it outside for me to grab! I was late, but I wasn't last! Whew!

I got out of there just about 8:45 and came home to find Howie was still awake!!!! Wasn't expecting that...but then again, football season has started!!! So there is always that! lol We chatted a bit and I rambled on about the dinner party and how fun it was! He said he'd never do one...go figure! Wonder if he'd say the same thing if I host one...hmmmmmm....lol Then he'd have no choice!!!! hmmmmm 

Once he went to bed I got to watch the finale of Bachelor Pad which he was kind enough to record for me after I remembered I hadn't! What a way to end the game!!! Keep or Share! Dang!!! I really thought she'd picked Keep while he picked Share....she saved her hiney by picking Share!! I'd have rather Kiptyn and Tenley won it...but they'll survive!  OH and it totally cracked me up about Kovacs and Elizabeth...cuz we all didn't see THAT one coming!!! HA!!! Gia and Wes were darling!!!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!


  1. I know you were half (?) joking about the puppy in the pet store, but please please please, if you ever do want to get another dog, don't buy at a pet store. I know they look adorable & fairly healthy but take a look at this article and if its not enough to convince you, just google "puppy mills" and you will see enough to make you cry. http://cfhs.ca/athome/puppy_mills/ No matter how good the pet store is, its always best to buy from a breeder. its actually cheaper, plus you get to see the parents and the surroundings in which they were born. You will get a healthier puppy, and a health guarantee to boot.

  2. I was fully joking about the puppy...the kids need to be a bit older yet...they did good yesterday, but the amount of time and energy it would take, not to mention pissing off the other animals in the house, its just not for right now!
    We've also only ever gotten animals from rescues or breeders!!! No worries there! I'd rather my $$ go to help other animals not line someone's pockets!


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