Saturday, September 18, 2010

First loss

Today just flew by!!!! This morning I did in fact get to sleep in by myself!!! The kids got up, but Howie was up shortly after them I dozed off for a bit more and thoroughly enjoyed it! When Howie came in to shower and get ready for work, the kids joined me for some snuggle time. It was then that DJ remembered what today was...

Police Station Tour day!!!! Its been about 6 mos since we last did the tour and so DJ was very excited! The only thing he remembered from last time was getting those God awful whistles! He was hoping for one today too! Thankfully, none were in his bag...or SamSam's! We got to see the patrol area, the detective area, the interview room, the jail cells, and the police car lights and all! Then we the kids got to try on a vest and helmet if they so two did not! So no cute pix of them doing that!

After that we came home and had lunch....and Sam went down for her nap at 2 while DJ hung out in the living room...another rainy day today. I worked on some Avon stuffs and sent out my bi-weekly email highlighting all the neat things in the current book. Once I got that done, DJ took over on the computer and played is letter page.

Dinner was early as we had somewhere to be at 6...the gleaners group was having their annual specialty all kinds of non-perishables...boxes that get dented or broken, discontinued stuff...perfect! Once done there I raced home so I could get ready for heading out for Jake's football game! Michaela came over while I was just finishing were happy to see her and non-plussed about me leaving! Perfect babysitter!

I was late to the game and arrived in the 2nd quarter...we were down 7-0...not a good start!! The rain was just pouring down...Jake had a few good plays and apparently got called for unsportsmanlike either verbal taunting or his little swagger he gets when he does good. Either way, it was good to hear his name over the p.a.!!! The final score was 10-7...we lost...but our boys played a heckuva game!!! 

Howie and I parted ways in the parking lot...he headed home and I headed out to meet up with a g/f and her friend. Turns out the bar they picked closed at 11, so our visit was shorter than expected! Still fun tho!!! The drive home was hairy! I hydroplaned 5 times!! NOT fun!!! No, mom, I wasn't speeding either!!!! :)

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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