Saturday, September 25, 2010

I think I suffer from FADD

Football Attention Deficit Disorder!

Today we hung out at home...gave the kids a bath in the morning as they played with the boys next door who'd come over to be with them. Caleb went home after he peed himself...ah the joys of potty training! Kristopher stayed and had lunch with us, which of course DJ loved having him for!!!

As I put Sam down for her nap K went home much to DJ's chagrin! He sure does love his buddy!!! The giggling today was awesome!!! The 3 of them egg each other on and its hilarious!! Even Sam gets right in there playing!! Until her finger gets caught in the door that is...then its all about the screaming!!! She did want a bandage tho...and still has it on as she's sleeping away. Its also comical how she babies that finger by holding her hand just so.

We ate an early dinner so we could leave on time for the football game in Edmonds...the kids were coming with us and staying with my g/f  Tiffany...DJ was SO excited to spend time with her was funny to hear him go on and on about her! They each gave me kisses and waves and that was that! We headed to the game a bit early, and I got to see a good friend of mine who's son is on the band for LHS, a rival school, the one Jake is in the district that was a nice surprise!

My FIL, BIL, SIL and nieces were there to watch Jake play....who did fabulous! Here's where the FADD kicks in...I missed 3 times his name was called...I was busy socializing! And really, its the last quarter that is the most exciting!! It was also in the last quarter Jake got another unsportsmanlike conduct call...anybody got a recipe for Humble Pie!?!?! Silly goose! We did win tho...16-7....and the weather was good! I didn't shiver once til 10:19!!

We hung around to see Jake and congratulate him on the win and then headed to get the kids! Samantha shocked us by still being awake!!! She seemed to have stressed herself out with me not being there for bed time that she threw her breath was that lovely scent of barf! She was very glad to have us take her home!! It took her til more than half way home to conk out! And then she fought me for leaving her alone in her room...but haven't heard a peep since, so here's hoping she goes straight thru! This morning was awesome for that...she slept til 7 and then in with me and DJ til 8:30!! I needed that good sleep too!!

Now, I'm off to get some more good sleep!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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