Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Verizon for the WIN!!!!!!

This morning dawned with a knee in my back!! And he slept on...I didn't! Yikes!! Howie got up with the kids and I dozed off...then the bat phone rang with an Avon order, so I was up from that point on! Howie made breakfast for the kids and then I ate...DJ has declared himself "toast getter" with the bamboo tongs! He thinks its such an important job!! He cracks me up! I love it!

After breakfast I got the kids dressed and then worked on my Avon ordering for the it in with 18 minutes to spare! Whew! Around noon I took off for the library and Goodwill with the books...and while I was out I stopped by Verizon. The trackball in my curve was sticking and not working properly...and I was due an upgrade anyways. I'd decided a month ago that I was going to stick with another Blackberry as its one way my mom and I chat frequently and I send her pix of the kids...I didn't want to lose that! And I'm familiar with the phone and its software after 2 years!

So I go in there (and there is one other customer and 4 workers) and get helped immediately! Since the Torch isn't with Verizon (that's a COOL looking phone) I settled on a Bold....til they told me my "after rebate" price...and dropped back to another Curve...and a purple one at that!!! He'd had it all be done up and I said "Hey, can I use two upgrades and get the Bold?" and the gal not helping me but overhearing it all said :"You sure can!"  OH YEAH!!! The poor guy helping me had all but transferred all my contents to the new Curve and had to cancel it! Sorry dude!!!

I could hardly contain my giddiness!!! They did their phone to phone surgery and transferred all my stuff over to the new phone and got it activated and off we went! It is such a sleek phone!!! And SO fast!!! The camera is amazing! My previous Berry had a 1.0 megapixel phone...this one has a 3.2!! So far the only pic I've taken is of the chili I made for dinner! ha! Watch out now mom! Speaking of...I sent you a request in delete the old one first and then add the new one...that way you won't get confused!

Part of the reason I was to go into town was to return the movie from last nite...and I completely forgot to grab when I got home, Howie took a quick (ha! if!) trip into town and returned it....he enjoyed getting out of the house and away from the kids for the time he was gone!

While he was gone I got the chili made for was another rainy, cold day, so perfect for such a warm dinner!! The kids had pizza as they don't understand how yummy chili is! After dinner they both got bathed! SamSam cracked me up! I was just ready to wash her up and she stood up, pointed at the toilet and said pee! And I agreed...that's where it goes, and one day soon you'll learn all about it...and then she peed in the bath! HA! Drained that and drew another one for her...stinker! 

Once they were in bed we enjoyed watching Wipeout...where do they find these people!?!?!?! Who thinks up these courses!?!?!?! Its insane!!! Not a "reality" show I'd want to be on...looks way too painful thankyouverymuch!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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