Thursday, September 9, 2010

He looks like DJ again!!

This morning Howie and I headed to Seattle for some face to face with the lawyer...nutshell...DAMN!!! We're still trying to process it all...and scratching our heads...lots of discussions and what ifs...ugh!

We got home much later than anticipated...but the kids both greeted us on the front stairs with exuberance! They had a blast being with Michaela...they always do!!! Since we were much later than we were supposed to be I grabbed DJ to take him for his hair cut and Howie put SamSam down for her nap. Divide and conquer! Works well!

And my little boy once again looks like a little boy!!!! Some of his golden highlights got cut off, which I was hoping wouldn't be the case, but it did. :( He look so angelic!  Looks are only one thing tho HA! After getting cut he took off with LT and played with him while I chatted with Anneke. Always love our chats!!! Her next clients showed up and we left...headed into town to try and see what the consignment shop would want of all the Fall/Winter clothes I have from the kids....and to return all the shoes I bought yester(OMG I just realized I didn't bring the new ones in for Sam to try! tsk tsk!)day and find some that actually fit! Both kids have skipped a size in shoes since the beginning of summer! They need to stop growing!! (to which they'd both reply NEVAH!!!)

I also finally got to chat with my mom for the first time in FOREVER!!!! Caught them while my dad was rubbing her feet...such a good husband! It was nice to get all caught up with them...I think this was the first time since they were here that we actually chatted by phone if I'm not mistaken...too long Mom!!! Now that I have the calling card...uh huh!!

After the kids went to bed I grabbed a shower and then watched tv with Howie...caught some of AGT...ok that little 10 y/o girl has PIPES!!! That's just crazy!! She got both our attention! I see her winning but at the same time not...she's too young to be a Vegas act....the Anti Gravity guys should win...time will tell!!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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