Sunday, September 26, 2010

Spa Days should be more often!!!!

This morning was a weird wake up....though it was DJ beside me til she whimpered...say what? Yeah, Miss Samantha crawled in with me whoknowswhen!!! I was awake from the time Howie came in to the time he left to the time DJ came in...long morning!!

But at least I had something fun to look forward to! Spa day with some girls at a friends house!!! My hairdresser Anneke was doing hair treatments and eyebrow waxing...which I needed DESPERATELY!!! And then our hostess with the mostest had paraffin wax treatments for the hands and she polished us up! Plus there were 3 kinds of soups being kept hot...3 different kinds of breads..all perfectly garlicky! it was just YUMMY!!!!

The kids came with me, and did really good!!!! Aliya was there to play with them...and a couple older kids wandered in and out...and then one more little guy showed up. They roamed between upstairs, the living room, the table where we were and the back deck.  And each of them grazed at the food the whole time! Neither of mine would try the soups...potato, tomato basil and french onion....silly kids!

My hair treatment was eggs and olive oil....quite the concoction...and when it dries, not so pleasant! LOL it got rinsed out and then she added some Lotus shield (thankyouAvon!) and blowed it between she did my eyebrows which like I said, needed it!! After that I dipped my hands in the wax and wore the baggies til the wax kinda popped away from my hands...most bizarre!!! Sure felt great tho!!!! Still feels good come to think of it!! Then I got my fingernails painted...which I NEVER do as it just chips off before I get to show it off...well, I learned a trick for that!!!! Wipe them with vinegar, it removes the natural oils so the polish will stick!! Neat eh?? Here we are hours, dishes and shower later and they still look awesome!!! I of course chose one of Avon's fall colours...Wicked...and it looks AWESOME!!!!  So good!

We got home just after 3 and Samantha was in a fine mood!! DJ immediately took off to play with the boys next door...but SamSam....she just wanted to whine around I sent her to her room...heard her crying fr a bit and then nothing....went to check on her and no sign of call out to the boys askin if they knew where she was and they said I go check DJ's room and then back into her room where I found her laying UNDER her bed sound asleep!!! Yes, I took pix! LOL  I woke her up gently and she started apologizing for her behaviour....awww!!! Then she was all good! She didn't bother going back out to she stayed in with me and helped me make rice pudding. I was kinda really bummed we had no raisins, but was seriously just wanting rice made it without!

Howie got home just as it was starting to boil...he'd been in class all day for his boiler license refresher at a college nearby. DJ caught him at the right moment and they all went for a bike ride...boy did I enjoy that quiet spell!!!! Could hear myself think!! Dinner was already in the oven...a YUMMY turkey pot pie...oh it was good!!!! The kids HATED it!! And ate maybe 5 bites each...cried and was awful! After dinner the whining didn't get any better so I packed 'em up in the truck and took them to the shed with me! They enjoyed the movie and I enjoyed them being immobile!! And I'm sure Howie enjoyed the quiet! Once we got home they went straight to bed! And I went straight into the shower! I couldn't handle the eggs and oil in my hair! LOL

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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  1. sounds like you could have made dinner from your hair. lol. sounds like a fun day


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