Thursday, September 30, 2010

Its unofficially official

I now have 5 Avon reps under me now!! That makes me a Unit Leader...of course there are other factors, they have to place orders!!!! Which is also why I need more!

So, when I got up this morning, I hustled buns to get out the door by 10...which I totally would have if I hadn't fallen! With a box in my hand and a couple bags on my shoulders and keys in my other hand. The truck was parked ass backwards and it was too late for me to change directions and turn around, so instead, my body, coupled with gravity, worked against me and down I went! OH it hurt like a mofo too!!! I didn't drop the box...or anything for that matter...but it was tough getting up! My left knee was numb!!! And I'd scraped up both my ankles. I loaded what was in my arms and headed inside to assess the damage. There was no blood running down my leg (I bet my mom's stomach just rolled reading that! She hates this kind of stuff!) I got in my room (poor DJ was left sittin on the toilet while I dealt with myself) and took my capris off...I'd ripped a hole in the knee of them...and was big!! About the size of a loonie and bright red!! Not really bleeding...I think it was in shock! Put a gauze pad on, and picked another pair of pants out and off we went. I think I'm more upset about the pants than I am about the skinned knee...altho, the pain is greater now than it was when it happened! I was numb for quite a while.

Off we went to Camano Island...someplace I'd never been!!! What a beautiful drive!! And while it wasn't a beautiful day (it did turn into one) it was still pretty! The kids let me play music the whole way there instead of hogging the sound system with movies! They also came into the house while I did the sign up....which I kept to an hour...its SO easy to get carried away! And then, there were 5!

From there we headed to Marysville to finally meet my #4 rep in person for the first time!! She's SO likable!!! She'll do well! I have a good feeling! I think I spent a good 45 mins with her answering any questions she had...and she had a few!

Then we headed to Lynnwood to do all my deliveries...with it being daytime hours, I didn't get to see everyone which worked well, just drop and go...but that still didn't get us home til just after 5pm....Howie beat us home! I'd planned to do pizza, but didn't realize that stuffed ones take longer to bake than regular ones! This this sucker was LOADED!!! Far too meaty for my liking! DJ struggled with it as he doesn't like pepperoni...and since we needed to leave almost immediately, I let him off the hook and stopped at BK for his dinner on the way to Awana.

We left and arrived a bit late for my check ins...I think we need to leave even earlier now...they arrive at  6 to get checked in!! Tonite I was SOOOO busy! I think I'm finally getting the hang of this secretary thing and what's expected of me...and of course my brain is going a mile a minute to make it more efficient! Some day I'll get there! Plus I'm trying to learn the first and last names of about 30 kids! yowza!! Maybe by

I was late getting DJ, and was in the room talking with the leader of the group I secretary for when DJ and his teacher Michi came to find he was worried!! He told me on the way home his fave part of the day was when he found me!!! Awww! And he was serious too!! Such a mama's boy! I wish his wife

It wasn't til about 9:30 that I finally got to sit down in my chair for the first time today...oh it felt good!!! My knee needed it too!! Survivor...I really have no opinion about Jimmie getting voted off...but c'mon, being a celebrity puts that much bigger a target on your back!  I also got to watch The Good Wife premiere from last nite...SUCH a good show!!!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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